Cranberry Sauce 

  I bought some this week, cranberry sauce, not the fresh kind, but that jellied, can shaped substance people make fun of.  I always did, until I married my Wife Ashley, she loves it. Now it’s part of our Thanksgiving traditions.  

Before we were married Ashley enjoyed the Macy’s parade, but she had no idea how important it was, until she met me.  Now, it’s something that must not be missed. Such is the case with family traditions, they are pieces of a relationship.

They’re not the relationship, merely things that bring us closer.  Traditions change, as families add members, new ones are created.  Sometimes we try too hard, and make holidays more difficult than they have to be. 

It’s not just about the parade, the food, or even the football game.  Thanksgiving is about being thankful for who God has placed around your table.  They are more important than if the turkey is perfect, or if the mashed potatoes have enough salt.

Making a new tradition means creating a new memory.  It doesn’t have to be big, or elaborate.  The only requirement is that we focus on those we love.  It may be as simple as a can of red goo, but if it’s important to the love of your life, you’ll give it a proper place on your table.

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