Alaskan Silver The Golden Fleece

  Carl Lafayette looked at his head of police, who like his rank, was so much more than he appeared.  “Gold, it’s got to be.”  Pin smiled. “Mayor, this isn’t the old west, there’s no gold shipment coming through.”  

“No, but there is a museum exhibit coming to town.  One of the artifacts is a set of Greek gold coins worth millions.  I’ve tried to down play there value, but they must have found out.”

The Mayor, like any city leader, strongly believed in the future of his city.  To that end, he wanted to improve every area of life.  One of those areas, was the culture of the town.  

The Lafayettes had spent their own money spear heading the foundation of a museum for the city.  The Mayor had arranged a special exhibition to kick off the grand opening.  The star of the show was going to be this Greek artifact collection his family had purchased.  

“It’s supposed to be here next week.”  Pin shook his head. “That can’t be it.  They would just rob the museum, but it does give me an idea.  I don’t believe it’s the reason, but we can use it to, if you’ll pardon the pun, fleece them out.”

Pin outlined his plan to the Mayor.  They were going to announce the value, not hide it.  As far as everyone was concerned, the entire force would be focused on the coins, nothing would seem more important.  

“They’ll think were distracted enough for them to show us what they’re really up to. Then, we’ll strike back, and they won’t know what hit them. The wolves haven’t slept since the attack, they’re going to pay for costing them their sleep.”

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