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Famous Starts Next Week!


I am so excited to share something brand new with our readers.  PruittWrites newest eBook, Famous debuts next week @  Everyone who subscribes to our email lists for the next two weeks only, will receive a free copy of Famous.

It’s about one of those tucked away characters in Scripture.  Some people in the Bible have chapters devoted to their lives, others have fleeting moments.  What was amazing was how one of those obscure references connected with fame.

When I read the word famous, I think of luxury homes and men of exploits. The man I’m talking about is connected to both, though not in the way you might think.  The luxury home is Solomon’s Temple, and the exploits come from wielding an axe.

Here is a small excerpt from our new eBook Famous ….

Psalms 74:5-6
5 A man was famous according as he had lifted up axes upon the thick trees.

The lumberjack stands, clothed in the attire of his day, wielding a mighty axe, cutting down trees.  He is bigger than his companions.  His muscles are strong, as is his face, he is smiling.

He loves his work, what he is doing is important.  For lack of a name, let’s call him Gibeoni.  After all, he is a Gibeonite, his family picked specifically by King Solomon for this very task.

They aren’t clearing land, or building a road through a forest, at least not a physical one.  Although the comparison would be well placed spiritually.  They are cutting trees for The Temple Of The Lord.

When Gibeoni returns, he will take his children to The Temple.  They will love the house their Daddy helped to build.  They will declare that, when of age, they will hew wood and draw water for the  needs of The Temple.

That is what their family does, for they are of the city of Gibeon. It had been the place of Moses’ Tabernacle, a city of refuge, and a home of the Priests.  The Gibeonites were privileged to live there for, while they were believers, they were not Israelites.

This is just the beginning of a story that continues, not only for generations, but through today.  It is my prayer that their story will inspire you to continue on your journey.  All of us will face battles and obstacles along the way, but we can be victorious if we continue to trust in God.

Walk with a family that wasn’t supposed to live, as they travel from judgement into the favor of God.  Through His mercy, and at times His silence, they step into a whole new life.  Along the way, they’ll become Ministers, builders, and well … Famous.

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The Battle Of Garigliano

  The Battle of Garigliano was fought on December 29, 1503 between the Spanish army, led by Córdoba, and the French army, commanded by Ludovico. The Spaniards won the battle, which meant they would control Naples for centuries. Until today, I had never heard of Garigliano, which leads me to my point.

This year, you’ve fought things that have wearied and worried you, but you went on to win the battle. Don’t allow yourself to rehash the battles of 2015, as you draw closer to 2016. Celebrate your victories, learn from your setbacks, and go forward.

The Spanish gained the victory by using make shift barrel bridges to cross the river. You and I are at the bank of a new year. We have both the strength, and the resources to cross over. Resist the temptation to beat yourself up for not being further, richer, etc.  

Instead, cross over where you are, and strategically approach your goals. If you haven’t made any, take some time, and type them up, or write them down. Now, you know where you are, and you know where you want to go. Take the next two days and plan your strategy. 

This is a battle, don’t make a resolution, plot a revolution. It will take time, and it won’t be easy. There will be victories, and there will be setbacks. As long as you don’t quit, they’re not defeats.  

Next year on Dec 29, you probably won’t remember Garigliano. I pray that you will remember the day as the start of a year of victories for you. Now, gather your dreams, consult your compass, and chart your course.

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Alaskan Silver Prospector Claus

  He looked like a cross between Santa Claus and an old prospector as he walked to the cabin. “John Hingle you old trapper, it’s good to see you!” Pin said, thankful that the day after Christmas would give him more than the wolves to talk too. 

“It’s good to see you my friend. I heard you would be passing this way. I would have been here yesterday, but a bear slowed me down.  I’ve got a chess set in my bag, and deer steaks to boot.  How about a day after Christmas celebration?”

Pin laughed. “So this is what Santa Claus does on his day off.”  It wasn’t the first time the trapper had been compared to Kris Kringle, so he had an answer ready. “Mrs Claus and the Elves take a nap, me, I go to Alaska.  I like a warmer climate occasionally.”

The two friends spent the day after Christmas like two school children. Playing chess, singing songs, and enjoying the few moments away from everything they would face for another year.  In England, the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day, a time for continuing the Christmas cheer of the day before.

The two men would box up all the goodwill they could.  Next week, they would face the Pick Axe men.  Also, a new enemy that had been in hiding, just waiting to strike.  Find out what happens in Alaskan Silver The New Year!

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The Native God Is Greater

  1 John 5:9If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son.

I believe that God is greater … I could stop there, truth be told, as Christians, we should be able to stop there. The trouble is, the enemy brings trouble, in an attempt to fill our eyes with anything but God. Yes, our problems are both real and hard, but so is Our Glorious God!

I have struggled this past few years with fear, grappling with it in ebbs and flows. I knew better, I know God, I know Him in His strength, even in my weakness. The enemy has tried to keep us so focused on our trials, that we give lip service to the wonder of Our Creator.  

The trouble for our detractor is this, God is both persistent and consistent. He constantly reminded me of His goodness. When worry knocked, faith stood against it. When I was weary, tears of joy flowed. Over that time, my faith was building.

The last few weeks, I have felt a change. I began to watch God again, not for anything, just to watch Him. Too often, we look to Him for a solution, when instead we should just watch Him. The Angels view God, not for anything, save the delight of seeing Him. This is what every Christian must return to see.

Mary watched Him in His crib. Joseph stared amazed that God had small fingers and tiny toes. The Wisemen, scholars, rejoiced at His little movements. The shepherds were in awe, at Heaven’s perfect Lamb.

Are you worried this Christmas? Nervous about the trials that surround you? Let me encourage you, for the next few days, do not seek an answer, seek The Savior. Take a few minutes in prayer, and in reading His Word, and watch Him.

Zacchaeus sought to see Jesus, who He was, and became a new man in the process. Matthew looked at Jesus, and left everything behind for a new life. Lazarus heard Jesus, because He loved God, and followed His voice out of the tomb!

Watch Him today, not for anything, except for Him! Wonder at His love, His long suffering, and His compassion. Rejoice in His favor, celebrate His joy, and most of all, that you know Him. If you do not know Him, let me encourage you to meet Him this day. For to know Jesus, is to know that, God Is Greater!!!

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The Foxs Christmas 

Forest shivered this morning, it was colder than any day he could recall. It was Dec 24 of course, the first snowfall of the year fell fast and heavy. The Cubs nestled closer to Spring, their Mother.

Soon, it would be Christmas, and they would expect presents. Forest kissed his mate, smiled at his children, and headed out into the glen.  

First he collected Christmas dinner for the family. There ancestors were Italian foxes, so fish would be appropriate. He selected a small tree limb that would fit just under the hole in the roof. The starlight would brighten the little berries on its branches.

“What no lights?” Anna asked her Dad Tom as he told the story. “Well no honey, it’s a fox. How could they have a lit tree?” Justin, her four year old brother spoke. “A family of fireflies live in the tree!”  

Tom laughed, “Okay, a family of fireflies live in the tree.” Anna listened as the children peppered her husband with questions and changes to his simple bedtime story. When it was done, Warner Bros would have bought it.

Anna thought about how the night began while finishing the dishes. Tom guaranteed that he could get the kids in bed by 9:00. He did better than she thought, he got them in bed a half hour late, and it took an hour to finish the story.  

Still, it was Christmas Eve, and they could share a few minutes drinking coffee before half a night of wrapping last minute presents. Both sides of the family were coming tomorrow for Christmas. An involuntary gasp left both their lips each time they thought of it.

Still, Tom had finessed the two factions brilliantly. He convinced them, known affectionately as the Imperials and the Crown Royals, to join their only grandchildren at their house for Christmas. What a Christmas this would turn out to be.  

Lynda and Carol would fight over decoration ideas. Trent and Hank would each try to out do the others for their second generation’s attention. At its end, the kids would call it their best Christmas ever. Mom and Dad would mumble something about the Armistice of 2011.

Either way, instead of plane trips and hurried goodbyes, it would be a weekend filled with family. Smiles would replace gasps, hearty memories would conquer frustration, and peace would be the prescription of the day. It was a brilliant suggestion from her own husband that made it possible.

She looked at him when he sat beside her. “I guess, Tom Fox, you think you’re pretty smart?” “Not as smart as I was ten years ago.” She still blushed at the compliment. “I’m a lot smarter after you said yes than I was before.” Again, she smiled. “What’s that smirk mean?” Anna laughed as she held his hand, “I’m smart enough not to answer that, after all, I’m Mrs. Fox!”

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Alaskan Silver Christmas At The Cabin

  Our hero’s normal adventures were paused for a few days. He had been called upon to transport a prisoner to the territory capital.  With that task behind him, he and his pack were making their way home.  

Pin knew this meant they wouldn’t make it home for Christmas, so he planned accordingly. Lafayette had a fishing cabin two days out from home. Pin had made plans to stay there, knowing they could make it by Christmas Eve.

What he hadn’t expected was the kindness of a town that appreciated an honest lawman.  When Pin opened the door to the small, rustic place, he saw more than he had expected.  A Christmas tree was decorated in the corner.  A note on the hearth explained it all. 

“My friend, Merry Christmas.  When you had to leave, my Wife went into action.  There’s  food, firewood, blankets, even presents, and a Christmas Tree.  She insisted that, if you couldn’t be home for Christmas, that we’d make this place as much like home as we could.  Check out the record player before you bed down. – The Lafayettes”

The wolves and Pin enjoyed an unexpected Christmas dinner.  Pin’s favorite Christmas songs played on the record player, and Pin stared at the fire.  Somehow he could hear his Mother’s voice through the crackles and sparks.

He dreamed that night, that he really did make it home for Christmas.  Pin’s parents and siblings were so glad to see him.  His dream seemed to go on for hours.  When he awoke, he wasn’t sad. Pin knew one day he would see them again, once enough bad men had been caught and put away.

Christmas had always been his favorite holiday, now it brought him hope. One day there would be peace on Earth, but until then he held it in his heart. What had his Mother said? “When you know The One in the Manger, every day is the 25 of December.”

Pin’s Christmas morning started with a request for his family.  The prayer wasn’t solitary in its journey skyward. His parent’s request for his own safety and return accompanied it on it’s trip.

Every day, whether it’s the police, our military, or our firemen, people risk their lives. They kiss their families and go into the unknown. This weekend, Sgt Pin, and all of us at Alaskan Silver honor them. We pray that each of them have a Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year.