Alaskan Silver Gray Gold

  They still didn’t know the Pick Axe organization’s objective, so they set their trap. Pin and Carl had the whole town so focused on the gold coins, it was the only thing people thought about.  What they didn’t know was that some times, the pocket which holds the gold, is more valuable than its contents.

From his cabin outside of town, the head of the Pick Axes sat by the fire.  Two of his men had just arrived.  “He’s here boss.”  “Don’t call me boss!  I know who I am, and I don’t want anyone else to know.  You call me Sanders like I told you, or you’ll think Silver’s wolves are puppies compared to me.”

“Yes Sanders, but he’s here, arrived a few minutes before we left.”  Sanders laughed, “They think they’re so smart.  Coins, if I wanted them, I would have them already.  I would like to see the look on Silver’s … Yes, yes I would.  Get me my coat, and four of my best men.  Tell them we leave at midnight, hurry!”

“Sanders, you can’t be serious, why risk it?”  The boss stood and poked the fire out as he talked low. “It’s always good to show a man who’s going to beat him. It’s particularly important, when he’s going to lose everything! Plus, I like irony, I’m going to introduce our Alaskan Silver to the concept of Gray Gold!”  He laughed deeply at his own joke as the fire went cold.

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