Memories and Ornaments

Great Grandmother’s ornament looks wonderful hanging on the tree. So does that new two dollar one you just bought. They may look very different, but they have something very special in common, memories.

Christmas is about memories, those moments you treasure as much as gold or silver. Fleeting times when curmudgeons become children, and worriers go against nature, spending a little too much. The third group are those December optimists, people who never cook, but once a year put on an apron. Like the concoction they’ll produce, it doesn’t always turn out well, but it does make something they’ll never forget.

Memories, like ornaments, vary in size and shape. Some are fragile, like glass blown snowmen, bringing a mixture of laughter and tears. Others are those hard plastic ones you run to a thousand times. Those time machine trips your mind takes, when the busyness of the season overwhelms your nerves.  

Then there are the tree toppers, the stop and gasp at its beauty moments that block out everything else. Those are the type of memories you wrap up in, when the demands of all we think we have to do, flood over us. We need those, stop what you’re doing, and stare at the tree moments.  

You see the the lights, and you forget the tangled mess of a few hours ago, and the trip to the store for more lights. Somehow the garland that we fussed over, and the hodgepodge group of items, became the most beautiful thing in the living room. Like the members of our family, each is different, but each is special.

You, your sports fan, your teenage musician, and your little beauty queen are all standing, looking at the tree. It might not last long, but for a moment, you’re all watching, sharing, and smiling at the same tree. Without even trying, you just made a memory. 

One that each of you will return to countless times when the world gets to cold. Great Grandma bought her ornament at a thrift store, you bought yours at Macy’s, but it doesn’t matter. They both sparkle, as the lights, and the love, combine to make your tree as special and unique as the memories that warm your heart this Christmas.

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