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Curtain Call

Last night, on PBS, my Wife and I saw a play. As in all Broadway productions, at the end, the players walked out together, holding hands, for a curtain call. It was then that my mind turned to this Scripture.

Revelation says that The Lord will return to Earth, at the end of the tribulation, with His saints. After everything is complete, He and all of us, will return for both a curtain call, and a new act. As one play is ending, and the participants are celebrating, something new starts.

Then it will be the end of the seven years of testing, and the beginning of the thousand years of peace. Now, it could be the finishing of your trial, and the birth of your blessing. If you don’t yet know Christ, it could be the end of a life without Him, and the beginning of an adventure with Him.

Either way, an altar is a great place for endings and new beginnings. Whether it’s a lifetime of running, or just a battle you’re facing, let it end there. Allow an altar to close one curtain, while opening another.

Soon, and very soon, as the writer penned, we will see Jesus. The question is, will we see Him as a part of our life, or from a distance? The difference between an audience and a cast member when the lights go out is this; both leave the theater, but cast members attend the after party.

When this world ends, and it will. It doesn’t take a Theologian to know that it’s tearing at the seams. I want to be holding His hand at that, and every other stage of my life. You see, sometimes I forget the words I need to say, or I’ll almost miss my cue, except for Him. 

He is there to calm my nerves, provide direction, and to see me through to the end. No matter where you are in your life, first, second, or third act, He can rescue you. Let Him walk onto the stage of your life, and rewrite a few scenes. You’ll find that things look better beside of Jesus, when the time arrives for the curtain call.

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