The God Of Chimneys

Chimneys, they hold the promise of being more than they seem. We’ve been fascinated with them for for hundreds of years. From Chimney Sweeps, to Mr Kringle, we look to these pieces of masonry with intrigue. They bring warmth, promise, and imagination to life, just as our dreams do.

Everyone has dreams, not just the images that happen between your eyelids, but desires, and things you want to accomplish. Much like a chimney, some are thoroughly utilized. The bricks are accustomed to the glow of the fire, while others long for just a few embers. What is keeping you from building out your hopes and dreams?

Please don’t worry, this isn’t an article about throwing everything to the wind, and living in some magical place where nothing goes wrong. Dreams worth having are complicated, and if you’re not careful, you can get stuck in the attempt.

Recently I met a young man who is pursuing his dreams of being a songwriter, while maintaining his financial career. He is balancing his dream while securing his future. For a chimney to function properly, it must be examined and cleaned regularly. Our hopes and desires must also be examined, and adjusted as needed.

To evaluate your dreams, take these three simple steps. First, look at your dream with the wonder of a child. Let its fantasy explore every avenue. Mentally climb the Chimney. Laugh with joy at the possibilities, and write it down. Capture on paper what you’re dream looks like.

Second, view it through the eyes of a parent. How can you implement, in a real way, what the child in you has fantasized. You can’t make them fly like a Kryptonian, but you can make them a cool cape, and take them on a plane ride at the local airport. Don’t say no to your crazy dreams, ask how we can reasonably make them happen.

Finally, applying your dreams, is much like a Chimney on Christmas Eve. It’s not just about your gifts, but being a conduit of blessing to others. God gave you your dream, not just for you, but those around you.  

The Bible says when a person has a dream, to pray for the interpretation of it. Ask God about your dreams. How can my dream of a, b, or c, better those around me?

Don’t discard your dream because it seems impossible, God is an expert in the impossible. Too often, our problem is that we give up when our dreams don’t make our version of reality. Yes, God gave us the dream, but He sees the end from the beginning. 

We owe it to Him to pursue our dreams, but in the way that He intended. There is an alternative between throwing caution to the wind, and tearing the chimney down. Bring it to Him. 

Unlike the jolly old elf, and the singing Chimney Sweep, He’s not covered in ashes and soot, and neither is your dream. Let Him rekindle the fire of your life, in a very real, and manageable way. The One we serve is more than able to make them come true. He is the Giver of the dream, and The God of Chimneys!

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