Alaskan Silver Christmas At The Cabin

  Our hero’s normal adventures were paused for a few days. He had been called upon to transport a prisoner to the territory capital.  With that task behind him, he and his pack were making their way home.  

Pin knew this meant they wouldn’t make it home for Christmas, so he planned accordingly. Lafayette had a fishing cabin two days out from home. Pin had made plans to stay there, knowing they could make it by Christmas Eve.

What he hadn’t expected was the kindness of a town that appreciated an honest lawman.  When Pin opened the door to the small, rustic place, he saw more than he had expected.  A Christmas tree was decorated in the corner.  A note on the hearth explained it all. 

“My friend, Merry Christmas.  When you had to leave, my Wife went into action.  There’s  food, firewood, blankets, even presents, and a Christmas Tree.  She insisted that, if you couldn’t be home for Christmas, that we’d make this place as much like home as we could.  Check out the record player before you bed down. – The Lafayettes”

The wolves and Pin enjoyed an unexpected Christmas dinner.  Pin’s favorite Christmas songs played on the record player, and Pin stared at the fire.  Somehow he could hear his Mother’s voice through the crackles and sparks.

He dreamed that night, that he really did make it home for Christmas.  Pin’s parents and siblings were so glad to see him.  His dream seemed to go on for hours.  When he awoke, he wasn’t sad. Pin knew one day he would see them again, once enough bad men had been caught and put away.

Christmas had always been his favorite holiday, now it brought him hope. One day there would be peace on Earth, but until then he held it in his heart. What had his Mother said? “When you know The One in the Manger, every day is the 25 of December.”

Pin’s Christmas morning started with a request for his family.  The prayer wasn’t solitary in its journey skyward. His parent’s request for his own safety and return accompanied it on it’s trip.

Every day, whether it’s the police, our military, or our firemen, people risk their lives. They kiss their families and go into the unknown. This weekend, Sgt Pin, and all of us at Alaskan Silver honor them. We pray that each of them have a Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year.

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