Alaskan Silver Prospector Claus

  He looked like a cross between Santa Claus and an old prospector as he walked to the cabin. “John Hingle you old trapper, it’s good to see you!” Pin said, thankful that the day after Christmas would give him more than the wolves to talk too. 

“It’s good to see you my friend. I heard you would be passing this way. I would have been here yesterday, but a bear slowed me down.  I’ve got a chess set in my bag, and deer steaks to boot.  How about a day after Christmas celebration?”

Pin laughed. “So this is what Santa Claus does on his day off.”  It wasn’t the first time the trapper had been compared to Kris Kringle, so he had an answer ready. “Mrs Claus and the Elves take a nap, me, I go to Alaska.  I like a warmer climate occasionally.”

The two friends spent the day after Christmas like two school children. Playing chess, singing songs, and enjoying the few moments away from everything they would face for another year.  In England, the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day, a time for continuing the Christmas cheer of the day before.

The two men would box up all the goodwill they could.  Next week, they would face the Pick Axe men.  Also, a new enemy that had been in hiding, just waiting to strike.  Find out what happens in Alaskan Silver The New Year!

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