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I am so excited to share something brand new with our readers.  PruittWrites newest eBook, Famous debuts next week @ Amazon.com.  Everyone who subscribes to our email lists for the next two weeks only, will receive a free copy of Famous.

It’s about one of those tucked away characters in Scripture.  Some people in the Bible have chapters devoted to their lives, others have fleeting moments.  What was amazing was how one of those obscure references connected with fame.

When I read the word famous, I think of luxury homes and men of exploits. The man I’m talking about is connected to both, though not in the way you might think.  The luxury home is Solomon’s Temple, and the exploits come from wielding an axe.

Here is a small excerpt from our new eBook Famous ….

Psalms 74:5-6
5 A man was famous according as he had lifted up axes upon the thick trees.

The lumberjack stands, clothed in the attire of his day, wielding a mighty axe, cutting down trees.  He is bigger than his companions.  His muscles are strong, as is his face, he is smiling.

He loves his work, what he is doing is important.  For lack of a name, let’s call him Gibeoni.  After all, he is a Gibeonite, his family picked specifically by King Solomon for this very task.

They aren’t clearing land, or building a road through a forest, at least not a physical one.  Although the comparison would be well placed spiritually.  They are cutting trees for The Temple Of The Lord.

When Gibeoni returns, he will take his children to The Temple.  They will love the house their Daddy helped to build.  They will declare that, when of age, they will hew wood and draw water for the  needs of The Temple.

That is what their family does, for they are of the city of Gibeon. It had been the place of Moses’ Tabernacle, a city of refuge, and a home of the Priests.  The Gibeonites were privileged to live there for, while they were believers, they were not Israelites.

This is just the beginning of a story that continues, not only for generations, but through today.  It is my prayer that their story will inspire you to continue on your journey.  All of us will face battles and obstacles along the way, but we can be victorious if we continue to trust in God.

Walk with a family that wasn’t supposed to live, as they travel from judgement into the favor of God.  Through His mercy, and at times His silence, they step into a whole new life.  Along the way, they’ll become Ministers, builders, and well … Famous.

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