Alaskan Silver Strangers

  A knock at the door, a brief conversation, a man grabs his hat and coat. He throws some things in a suit case and heads out, stopping only for half a cup of coffee.  The business he’s on is that urgent, and that deadly.

Hundreds of miles removed from our heroes, his meeting directly involves both them and their enemies.  The meeting does not go well.  Anger ensues, threats are made, and things look bleak.  As he turns to leave,  he tries one last time.

The thought had just occurred to him.  It was risky, but what did he have to lose now?  He shares it quickly, before they can object.   It doesn’t subside all of the animosity, but it cuts just enough of it.

They agree, with conditions, and the man is off.  He is tired, and a little shaky, his health isn’t what it seems, but he buys his ticket.  A train ride begins that will seal the fate of an entire state.  People’s current and future well being depends on the outcome, as does the life of Alaskan Silver!  

Meet the man on the train in next week’s episode of Alaskan Silver.

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