Carve It Out 

Last night I watched woodcarvers in Africa and an amazing competition. Warriors, weapons, and animals were carved out of wood. The winner created a small handheld, delicate piece with two Antelope. It was ironic that such a fast animal took two days to produce.

Simple materials resulted in uncommon beauty. The rich colors were accented by markers and shoe polish. Don’t judge what your resources can create before you’ve accomplished your goal.

This is the place where you normally read the names of people who achieved greatness with nothing. Instead, today lets look at your resources. First, no matter who you are, or when you’re reading this, you are alive at a pivotal moment.

Every person whoever achieved anything, altered the time they were in, with what they had. The key wasn’t their resources, or their creativity, but their determination. They found a way to use what they had to change their world.

Second, you are smarter than you think. Intelligence isn’t based on education, nor is there only one kind of it. Whether your strength lies in facts, figures, or fixing things, you are smarter than you give yourself credit for.

We are in the Information Age, if you’re lacking a skill, it’s a few clicks away. If we have the heart to try, our brains have the ability to learn. Every skill needed is attainable, we just have to attempt it.

Third, you have a unique perspective. Only you have seen, lived, and overcame your battles. Others may have similar circumstances, but your life is a snowflake. Every person is created by God to be one of a kind. Therefore you have something to bring to the table that no one else can.

You have the perspective, the intelligence, and the opportunity to change your world, you just need the confidence to try. Make today the start of your new adventure. You don’t have to fly to Paris, but you could start learning a new language.  

Whatever your goal, begin carving it out. They’ll be some marks and scuffs along the way, but they will just decorate your story. Before you know it, you’ll produce something of uncommon beauty out of your everyday resources.

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