Alaskan Silver Knife Fight 

  Pin caught the man’s hand inches from his chest. It was a knife fight. The only problem, his opponent had both of them.  Fortunately, they were in the woods, Pin sidestepped his attacker and rammed the man’s hand into the tree.

The bark caught the blade. Pin grabbed for the other weapon while he tried to pull it free.  Things were more even now, if you ignore the size difference.  The Frenchman was two times as big as the Sergeant, in both height and weight.

Once his blade was free, he swiped at Pin’s face, and connected.  Blood dripped from the cut near his eye.  Pin knew his only hope was slowing the man down, so he went for his free hand.  Hands are sensitive when cut in the right place, and the man growled in pain.  

While he adjusted to his new problem, the Sergeant dove towards the icy water a few feet away.  The man caught Pin’s ankle, “I don’t intend to let the waters have you. I want to kill you myself. The bosses will pay good money for you.”

As I had said, Pin dove towards the icy water, but he had no intention of going in.  The Frenchman was right, the icy water would have killed him. The sharp rocks at the bank’s edge however, might rescue him.

He felt like David, as he hurled the biggest stone he could grab at the man’s temple.  The move worked, dazing and disorienting the Pick Axe’s hired gun.  Pin took his freed feet and kicked with all his might.  

He knocked the giant backwards, and ran.  Carl’s cabin was a few miles from here, if he could make it there, he could reload.  Carl kept a stockpile of ammunition for hunting necessary game.  Pin was tired of being on this end of the bear hunt.

Find out what happens at the cabin next week in Alaskan Silver.

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