Weekly Heroes 

Their alter egos were Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, among others, Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and Stan Lee. I didn’t know it as a child, but these men would fill a great portion of my life. 

 I also didn’t realize that they all happened to be the children of Jewish immigrants. This second week of January, when the mundane threatens the goals you made last week, pause for a moment. I’d like to share three lessons from our comic heroes that will help you defeat your Jokers.

First, Superman’s phone booth. For anyone under thirty five, a phone booth was a glass and wood, or plastic cabinet that included a land line telephone. It’s where Clark Kent would go to change into his Superman costume.  

When trouble happened, he stopped long enough to regroup. No one expects you to be Superman twenty four seven, just to show up. They’ll be time enough to stop the train, allow yourself a minute to breathe. We can’t do it all in a week’s time, but we can do it a week at a time.

Second, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Chief O’Hara were a phone call away. Even Batman, the greatest comic book hero of all time, needed help. You and I are no different, we have friends that we can call to support us in our goals.

No one expects you to succeed alone, the only One who could do it by Himself, chose not to go it alone. Christ loved His Church enough to share with us, the goal of spreading The Gospel. If you’re struggling, call that friend you can trust to have your back.

Third, Spiderman’s web shooters. Among all of his other powers, he couldn’t natively spin webs. He had to invent wrist bracelets that could spin them for him. If you’re struggling, what tools are you not using that could make the difference?

From writing down your goals, to an app, or even a calendar reminder, small tools help build big buildings. Don’t allow discouragement, frustration, or everyday life to rob you of what you want to accomplish.

The creators of Gotham, Metropolis, and Peter Parker wrote their American Dream. One where a citizen of this great country could overcome poverty, hardship, and even kryptonite to succeed. Each man pursued more than weekly adventures, they fulfilled their dreams.

So can you and I, it just takes continuously writing our episode each week. Draw on your strengths, rely on those who support you, and don’t allow cliff hanger situations to be your ending. View your latest battle not as a defeat, but a setback. Rest up, gear up, and add this caption to what you’re facing…”Tune in next week to see how our hero defeats ___________!”

Alaskan Silver Let Himself Go

  It was the day of the Museum opening, and all were excited.  Pin and Carl thought that they had taken every precaution to guarantee  Edward Mallory’s safety. The one thing they didn’t anticipate, was the mail.

That morning, Edward had received a letter.  A small note that seemed to warn him of a political plot against his Father, and an offer to meet to discuss it.  The curator normally wouldn’t leave, but he was worried about his Dad.

He informed Pin and Carl of his plans for the side trip. Carl’s reaction was that it was an obvious trap.  Edward felt that, while probably true, it was worth the risk.  Pin just began to laugh, he chose another option.

Upon the opening of the museum, there was no curator.  Instead was a sign of a struggle, a note requesting a huge ransom, and a threat to the man’s safety.  Everything the Pick Axe men would have done, only they hadn’t.
Pin reasoned that, if they tried to prevent a kidnapping, the Pick Axe group would keep trying.  If someone beat them to it, offered a ransom, and had a good hide away…  So off went Edward Mallory to Carl’s cabin, to wait until it was safe to let himself go.

Next week find out how the Pick Axe group reacts when Pin continues to interrupt their plans.

Two Announcements

  One of our goals for 2016, is to grow our community. At PruittWrites, our readers and subscribers, are what we value most. Without you, we would have no one to add value to. It’s with that in mind, that we make the following announcements.

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This book came from a very special place for me. It originated as a sermon for my Dad’s 60th birthday, and the Church’s 60th anniversary. He was born the year it was founded, so it was a very special weekend. The subject of the message, was equally unique, about a family who wasn’t supposed to make it, but overcame insurmountable odds to survive.

I would love to share it with you. Simply click on Join Our Community, answer a few questions, and you’ll receive your copy of Famous for free. More importantly, you’ll become a more integral part of the PruittWrites family. This will enable us to better add value to you with our content. Thank you for allowing us to serve you, our readers are what makes PruittWrites special.  

Alaskan Silver The Octopus Tank 

“Four generations at least, possibly more.” The man said, sitting at the table. He was referring to the Medici family that had once ruled parts of ancient Italy. “Then along came Machiavelli…” The man interjected at the appropriate time.

Mayor Lafayette responded, “Of course, people forget that the Medici shut him down.” “Yes, they do sir.” Was what the man replied, but this was his response mentally. “I never forget that, it’s why I’m still alive, and sadly, why you are, for now.”  

Pin and Carl didn’t know it at the time, but their dinner companion was so much more than the mastermind of the Pick Axe group. A political adviser and a friend, and their worst foe. He contributed to every force, society, and every power group in town.

Sherlock Holmes had described Moriarty as a spider, but Wynton Strand preferred the analogy of the octopus to the arachnid. He had his tentacles embedded in Alaska. Strand slowly tightened each as he sent out a cloud of black to cover his actions.  

If his plans succeeded, one day the Governor’s office, the Senate, and finally, either the Supreme Court or the Presidency would be his. He toyed with the idea of both, either way, he planned on ruling Washington.

Right now, what he needed was two heroes. Men that the people would trust, untouched by graft or greed. This was the real reason he had spent years, and part of his family fortune, building up the Pick Axe’s.  

He had to give Lafayette and his Hired gun a villain they could seemingly take down. He would ride their victory into his own power, and then let the Pick Axe men he kept free, finish them off. Strand was pitting both armies against each other, playing Chess against himself.

The two men joined Strand in his study for coffee after the meal. They never dreamed they were in more danger here, than when staring down the barrel of a Pick Axe man’s rifle. After all, this was the villain’s lair, or if you will, the Octopus’ tank.  

The Window Tax

It was established in England in 1696, and repealed 156 years later. They called it the window tax. If you were fortunate enough to have a home with a certain number of windows, you were taxed for the more you had. The solution of many homeowners, to board or brick up their extra windows.Why mention this on New Year’s Day? Because too often, for similar reasons, we do the same thing. Sometimes in life, people allow themselves to stop dreaming. We tell the visionary part of us that, it’s either too costly, too dangerous, or for a younger person.

Fear refers that wide eyed, anything is possible, part of us, to those reckless dreamers with little plans, who lost everything. We rationalize to our brains that it wasn’t there lack of preparation that was the problem, but their attempt to try.  

Yoda may have said “Do or do not, there is no try…” But he was a muppet/puppet. Some things need to be tried, if not for the grand climax, but the grand pursuit. Ninety percent of the Jazz musicians in the world will never be Wynton Marsalis, but oh how they love to play. There is joy, learning, strength, and hope in the attempt.

Do you know what the difference between a rock through a window, and a brick wall in front of one is? You can see around the rock, but you can’t see anything through the bricks. Don’t allow the fear of a rock being thrown into the middle of your vision to board up your dreams.

I can guarantee, someone will throw rocks. A broken pane is easier to replace than the light it costs you when you board up your vision. Today is January 1, make a plan to get rid of the bricks and boards, so you can see clearly every possibility available. A balanced plan, with eyes to the horizon, and feet firmly on the ground, but plan.  

You’ll be surprised how beautiful the sunlight shines through those forgotten windows. They not only improve you, but they encourage others to do the same. Yes, as we get older, there’s a tax on vision, but it is most definitely worth it. Just look at that sunrise!