Alaskan Silver Ammunition 

  Pin made it to the cabin, grabbed the most powerful rifle in it, and reloaded his own gun.  Then he left the door open and quickly hid outside in a tree. If he could just get above the Frenchman and make him think he was in the cabin.

His opponent barreled through the door shortly after.  Pin aimed carefully, shooting the window of the cabin.  “Alright Charbonneau, I’ve got you covered, hold it right there.”

The man started to lunge forward, until he saw the rifle pointed at his chest.  He raised his arms and laughed.  “I surrender, for now.   Tell me little man, how do you intend to take me in? When you’re not looking I will break your neck!”

“I’ve no doubt you would if you could.  That’s why I’m not taking you in alone.” “Behind you is a chain, wrap your ankles with it and step back.”  Pin made sure the man had just enough chain to maneuver in the cabin, and secured the extra chain to the rafter beam with his handcuffs.  

“I’m going for reinforcements, probably two days. You’ll be the Mayor’s guest until then. I was here at Christmas, and on the trip back through I stored certain precautions for a return visit.  You’re the recipient of my planning, and I’m very much alive because of it.”

The captive growled at Pin as he bid the Frenchman goodbye.  He hurried for town and reinforcements. Pin faced the fact that if the Pick Axes sent their own backup, the Frenchman would be freed. 

So he hurried as fast as he could.  The man he had captured was a link in a chain of command.  He wasn’t just muscle, he was connected enough to know a few plans. If they could just get him to talk, for the first time, they’d have something. 

They would have Ammunition to weaken the entire Pick Axe group.  Pin had suspected they were still operating, even when it appeared they had made inroads against them.  He knew when you find a snake hole, the little snakes you stop, means they’re bigger ones underground.

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