Alaskan Silver Edward Mallory 

  The current occupant of the cabin was in chains. One of its previous visitors was the captor. You may remember another guest, Edward Mallory, the curator of the museum.  

Since his faked abduction, he had been secretly transported to his Uncle’s home. From there, he had went to work, establishing a network of Alaskan allies. These people were committed to ridding Alaska of corruption, and Edward was leading the charge from his desk.

It was Edward who had arranged for the undercover agent St Louis. He had crafted the plan to trick the Pick Axe group into hiring an assassin, not knowing he was really a Federal agent. Much like Pin and Carl, Edward knew, to beat these men, it would take more than strength.

To defeat these criminals, you would have to outsmart them. Lucas Shelton wasn’t his last chess move either. It was his second, Harriet Douglass was his third. 

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