The House Of Staff And Ring

Exodus 38:5
And he cast four rings for the four ends of the grate of brass, to be places for the staves.

The word places, in Hebrew, also translates house. God made a house for the staffs that bear the altar. The staves represent the Ministry. No other item is more tied to it, than the staff which rested in Moses’ hand, and on the backs of the Priests. Everything God does is strategic, from the rings themselves to where they were located, had a purpose.

The rings were a place of rest, a type and shadow of the place of rest that God created for the Ministry. These four rings not only enabled the staves to bear the altar, they were a home for them. God knew the necessity of rest for His leaders, and wants His people to understand as well.

Jesus took His disciples aside to rest, and the people followed. The Lord put His own comfort on hold, to minister to others, as do most leaders, but He still needed rest. Sadly, too many leaders gladly spend themselves to exhaustion serving us.

You and I can help prevent this. We are not all called to be staves, but we can be rings. The rings were at the four corners of the altar. God wants those who labor at the altar to receive their own rest there. We can be rings that watch out for those who watch out for us.

A ring itself is a symbol of faithfulness, of a covenant. It bears, decorates, and is a symbol of love. Love is the heartbeat of God. I believe we are closest to God’s heart when caring for His Ministers. There are multiple ways to be a place of rest for the Pastor in your life, but I want to highlight three.

First, pray for them everyday. Prayer isn’t just us asking, and God giving. It was designed as a joint effort between God and His child. He wants to work with us in interceding, using us to minister to the needs of others in prayer. We can strengthen our leaders by taking their names to the throne room, just as they do daily for us.

Second, be a friend to the Man Of God, in word and action. Loyalty is expected of our leaders, and they have the right to expect it of us. Stand with your Pastor, support and fight with Him. Resist those who are against them.

Gossip doesn’t just involve the speaker’s lips, it equally comprises the listener’s ears. If someone talks about your friend, you don’t listen, you leave the person doing the talking. The same should be true when someone speaks against the Man Of God.

Third, be a blessing to your leader. They don’t serve to be blessed, they live to be a blessing. Expecting nothing, they give, yet God has designed a blessing for them. His plan has always been for God’s people to supply the needs of His Leader.

Say thank you in your own way, but definitely say it. A text, a gift card, or volunteering to lighten their load. It shows them that we care for them, as much as they care for us. We shouldn’t wait for October to appreciate those who work for us every day.

Be a ring to the leader in your life. Bear their needs, decorate their lives with love and support. Be a symbol that they can point out to their children, “Some will at times hurt you, but people like ____________, make all the difference.”

You and I can be the symbol passed down to the next generation of leaders. Heirlooms of hope that empowers the Joshua’s who follow. I’ve seen Christians influence Pastor’s children to either follow or flee Ministry. We can be a house of safety for the burden bearers in our lives, by lightening their load.

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