Alaskan Silver Harriet Douglass

  To call Harriet Douglass a spy wasn’t exactly accurate.  She had been a regular person like Edward, until an adventure in Washington DC happened.  Harriet Douglass had saved the life of the President’s favorite Secret Service agent.

Harriet was a young African American woman on the cleaning staff at the White House. Normally she wouldn’t have been in the kitchen, but a coincidence placed her there one day.  She noticed a glint of light through the window.  

Some crazy person was about to fire a gun from across the street. Harriet screamed in time to alert everyone to move.  Seconds later there was a hole in the wall where the Secret Service man had been standing.

The incident was kept out of the papers. Harriet was secretly commended, and given a small reward.  She enjoyed, as she put it, “Being active in the noble defense of my country.”  Edward’s Uncle had hired her away from the President with the promise of more adventure.

Edward had convinced her of the importance of what he was doing. That is how Carl Lafayette hired his new house keeper.  His friend the librarian had recommended her, without disclosing his plans.  

Harriet was to be Edward’s eyes and ears for his friend’s protection. He knew that Carl and Pin wouldn’t protect themselves from danger, so he sent Harriet to help him accomplish it.  With one more added piece of training, now Harriet could shoot from a building away and hit her target.

Actually Harriet had turned into a natural marks woman.  She could hit her mark from two buildings away.  A skill that she would use the night she arrived at Carl’s home.

Find out how Harriet risks her own life to save others in next week’s Alaskan Silver!

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