Alaskan Silver Intruders

  Harriet stood at the window with a gun in one hand, and an iron skillet in the other.  One was for the man she had just shot outside, the other was for his partner.  The man who was breaking through the door.  

He waited a second before entering the room, expecting to wrestle his opponent to the ground, or shoot it out. What he didn’t expect was a cracked temple as the woman used her other weapon.  By the end of the night, two assailants lay huddled in the living room floor of Carl Lafayette’s home.

One was bleeding from his leg, and the other from his face.  Soon, Carl and Pin arrived to cart them off to jail. Normally Carl would have been home, but he and Pin were keeping a close eye on their prisoner, the Frenchman.  It had taken fifteen men to transport the giant to jail, and they weren’t about to take any chances.

“Harriet, where did you learn to shoot like that?  Why did you have a gun on you anyway?”  The lady smiled as innocently as she could.  “A friend taught me, and gave me the gun.  You see, where I come from can be a very dangerous place.  You have to be prepared for anything.”

That hadn’t completely satisfied them, but they were content to let it go for now. She had saved Carl’s family from a very bold attempt by the Pick Ace men.  Harriet excused herself to her room. 

Once there, she wrote a letter to Edward Mallory.  She wasn’t happy with the night’s events at all.  It wasn’t the outcome that bothered her, but that her hand had been tipped so early.  This wasn’t a trap, as she explained in the correspondence, it was a fact finding mission.

Someone very intelligent had figured out that she was more than she said.  Since she had only been there a matter of hours, they had to have only guessed. This meant that their opponent was smarter than they thought.

Edward wasn’t as much in the shadows as he had hoped.  This letter had to reach him soon.  “Does this mean your other interests are also exposed?  If so, where do we go from here?”

Find out where that is, in next week’s Alaskan Silver!

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