Alaskan Silver Planning A Party

  While last week’s events were happening, St Louis was getting settled in his new place.  He was planning to open a small restaurant filled with music. The kind of place where people come to listen, talk, and make new friends.

It was the perfect backdrop for his line of work, musician/supposed gun for hire/U.S. undercover agent.  St Louis had to meet all of his contacts in the same place, without suspicion.  This would fit the bill, and allow him to enjoy his Grandmother’s recipes every night.

He figured he had a year and six months before the Pick Axe men wanted him to strike. So he had to establish his credibility with all sides.  His handler had instructed him to reveal his identity to his contact only when absolutely necessary.

His first party was booked by Wynton Strand. A man who did not like newcomers, even those he was forced to hire.  St Louis had been highly recommended, and it wasn’t that Wynton didn’t trust him.  It was something else. 

For all of Strand’s arrogance, or because of it, he was infuriated that he had to rely on someone else.  This was a man who wanted to be the only sportsman in the arena, fighting, clawing, and winning, with no help whatsoever.  He was smart enough to know better, but he still didn’t like it.

His consolation was that one day, he told himself, he would be powerful enough to not require anyone. Until that point, the Octopus would use anyone he needed too.  Even if it meant throwing the Mayor a birthday party.  

“Wait till he gets my gift.”  Strand smiled at his plan. The perfectly gift wrapped package was as much for himself as it was for anyone. Soon the Mayor would tell him everything, whether he wanted to or not.
Find out what happens at the party in next week’s Alaskan Silver!

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