Alaskan Silver Storm

 Wynton liked conducting business at parties.  It caused his prey to be relaxed, and easier to manipulate.  He hated it when his plans were interupted, or thrown off completely.

The party was set for the next evening, everything was in place.  Even the gifts were delivered early and at a special table.  Sometimes men’s plans are effected by the unexpected.  No one plans it, it just happens.

During the night, a storm began. Lightning hit St Louis’ place, a fire started, and spread quickly.  Before they could put it out, the entire place was a complete loss.

Wynton’s gift was up in flames. Edward’s carefully planned base of operations for St Louis was gone.  St Louis was left with nothing to show for all the work he had put in getting it ready. Now, they all would be forced to start over.

Things like this have a way of accelerating your plans.  Each of them was tired, frustrated, and anxious. The patience they had felt days before was gone.

Impatient men do crazy things.  They try to force normal to come back in a hurry.  When the business is already dangerous, this causes extreme consequences to set in.  Three phone calls happen in the hours after the blaze.  One of them could be deadly.

Listen to the effects of Calls to Action in next week’s Alaskan Silver!

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