In the World War I era, men who argued up until the voting booth, fought in the trenches together.  From our first to our latest conflict, opposite sides have been brothers in arms.  Even after the terror of the civil war, men hung up their blue and gray, and carried the red, white, and blue together into the Spanish American War.
Thomas Jefferson didn’t like Alexander Hamilton, and the feeling was mutual, but they helped found a free nation.  I’m not telling you whether or not to be angry or excited about your candidate.  Just reminding you that for over 200 years we’ve had the right to argue about it.

Regardless of who your candidate is, and which party you support, but enjoy our system. The past option was the birth order of a monarch. In the midst of an election battle, let’s not forget how men with opposing views gifted us with a ballot box.
So vote for whoever your choice is, but celebrate that you can.  America may have issues, but we have the ability to do something about them.  Every political platform is made up of planks from a free forest.  Supplied by men who alienated themselves from a quiet life, so we could have these unalienable rights we have today.

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