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Alaskan Silver Calls To Action

ascallsWhen men get anxious they can make slips, in St Louis’ business slips can get you killed. His was slight, but he knew it as soon as he made it. It was only two words, but it worried him.

He had called to report the accident to his government contact. Procedure was to disguise it as a call to his insurance man, “Mr. Arthur Fields”, and most of the call went fine. Right until the end, when St Louis said goodbye Joe.

He looked around the lobby of the hotel to see if anyone had heard. He wasn’t sure, but it worried him. St Louis didn’t make slips, he was off his game.

Edward’s mistake was that he hadn’t used a coded call. One of his Uncle’s staff members had walked in on a call to Harriet. Now the man wanted money, he was trying to blackmail Edward to keep silent.

He couldn’t pay him, but what could he do. The man was threatening to go to the newspapers with his story. He didn’t care that lives were at stake. Edward’s solution was a drastic one, he was going to confide in his Uncle.

He reasoned the man would threaten him, but not his Uncle. If the staffer hoped to have a future in politics, he wouldn’t cross someone who had the support of his party. It would quench the current problem. However his Uncle might disapprove of his actions, that endanger Edward’s entire operation.

The last phone call was Wynton Strand’s. I mentioned Strand didn’t like asking for help, being at the mercy of others. That was true of everyone, but especially true of one man. A person that Wynton never wanted to involve. Men like the Octopus view other predators as threats, even when their your own brother.

Meet the Octopus’ brother in next week’s Alaskan Silver!

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