More Than Enough

imageThe solidarity of love divine, even before man could comprehend it. Christ prepared to die so we could live. Hope’s birth meant the Savior’s suffering. Yet, in spite of the pain, Bethlehem was planned, so Calvary could happen.

Why did it take The Messiah’s death? Because only a spotless life could span the gap. Sin had so blackened our record, that only Perfection could eradicate it’s stain. We rejoice because He was willing to shed, not mere tears, but blood for us.

Only unconditional love, only a selfless God could, or would go that far. His willingness to pay the price, knowing the cost, is why we are in awe. When in disgrace, before Adam’s feet had left Eden, mentally, Christ had entered Gethsemane.

Yes, we shout for joy at an empty tomb, but we kneel at the feet of a resolute God. He willingly walked to Jerusalem knowing there would be a Golgotha to climb. Jesus our Savior, loved us beyond and above measure. We worship, because He loved us enough, even when enough meant beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

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