Alaskan Silver Artemis

imageWhen an animal is running out of n the woods, being hunted by a ferocious wolf, something never occurs to that frightened creature. That, at home, this big fierce animal with vicious teeth, has a bigger, and meaner older brother. In Wynton’s case, the bigger and meaner Strand, was Artemis.

Big brother Strand was over six feet tall, with steel gray hair and eyes. He trimmed his salt and pepper mustache, and wore the finest suits. The muscles underneath had experience though, breaking any man who stood in his way.

They were different, in their approach, but equally cold blooded. Artemis wasn’t interested in politics, he built his own little criminal empire under the guise of business. He took what he wanted, bought what he had to, and tripled his profits anyway possible.

Along the way, he picked up a collection of specialists. Men and women who could do anything from burning a structure to the ground, to building it back in a hurry. One of these assorted skills was why Wynton called on family.

“You want Ortega little brother? Happy to help, for a price. (Laughs) Add about 5,000 to that and you’ve got him. Well, if you can’t afford him… I thought you’d see it my way. He’ll leave tomorrow, and Artemis, see to it he doesn’t get hurt. He’s the best numbers guy in the business.”

What scheme does Wynton need a numbers expert for? What’s so important that he ‘borrowed’ one from the one man he never wanted to owe? Find out in next week’s Alaskan Silver!

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