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Alaskan Silver The Shipwreck

“Boat lost at sea!” He stared at the headline from his hospital bed, then read on. “The S.S. Charlemagne sank off the coast of Alaska. While most of the passengers and crew made it safely to the lifeboats, several are unaccounted for. These include steel magnet Conrad Reynolds and his two daughters, Estelle and Myra.”

The clipping was two years old, he carried it with him. He had loved her, or so he thought, but had loved money and power more. Conrad never approved of Wynton.

Somehow he saw through his carefully crafted act. The millionaire offered to finance Strand in anything he desired, as long as he ended the engagement. Reynolds was adamant on how the end happened though.

“You have to leave her waiting at the altar. My daughter must be protected against charlatans and gold diggers. This will insulate her, and she’ll seek my advice on the next man. It will be painful at first, but it will save her years of regret.”

Wynton heard this the night before the Wedding. Estelle heard it in the lifeboat as she clutched the sides of it. She was furious with her Dad, but she loved her father, and she knew he loved her. The anger for him would pass.

The anger she felt for the man that chose money and power over her would only grow. From the moment they were rescued, she went to work. In the two days they were missing at sea, she became a different person.

It was reported that Conrad Reynolds and his younger daughter Myra were rescued, along with a Mrs. Lyle Abernathy. Mrs. Abernathy, a widow, was previously thought dead at sea. Estelle grabbed the first name suggested to her. It was risky, but so was her entire plan.

The man she loved had refused to make her a bride, so she became a widow. Now she would work to convert another status of his. Currently he was successful, rich, and breathing. Estelle intended to alter all three.

Wynton never noticed the dyed blonde hair his nurse had. He didn’t notice servants, arrogant and injured as he was. She served him his food, fluffed his pillow, and gave him his medicine. It was good that he was oblivious, or he would have seen the hatred in her eyes.

Find out next week in Alaskan Silver how dangerous it is when, your enemy is your nursemaid.

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Alaskan Silver Reorganization

Two groups were waiting to hear if Wynton Strand would live. One was Pin, Carl, and those who were ignorant of his illegal dealings. The second was those who knew well what he did. Even Artemis, from a distance, was concerned about his little brother.

He had lost a lot of blood, the surgery was touch and go. Finally the Doctor finished, Strand would live. There would be a long recovery, but he would make it. Pin and Carl were waiting by his bed when he woke up hours later.

“Wynton, thank you, but next time, keep yourself safe okay? Police business is dangerous, I do it so others won’t have to risk their lives.” Pin asked, thinking of the family he left at home to protect.

“Wynton, advise, order, supervise, but stay at your desk. Thank you, but stay away from the front next time.” Strand just smiled, and nodded.

They thought he drifted to sleep, but he did that to get rid of them. He had to think. ‘Hinkle, it was Hinkle that shot me. I told them not to ruin my plans. I can’t believe one of those thugs would act independently of their boss. Which means… This was no accident, one of my own group is trying to take over.’

‘First, I’ll deal with Hinkle. Then I’ll make a few ‘reappointments’ within the organization. I may have to use St Louis sooner, and for different reasons. That will complicate my future plans. If I don’t though, I will not have the opportunity for the future.

Wynton was accurate, for three different people were plotting to take over. Two were dangerous, and one was deadly. One was Sanders, the Pick Axe boss. He had been controlled by Strand too tightly.

The next was the Frenchman, Aubert Riviere. The two had a mutual enemy, even though Sanders and Riviere were not friends. Sanders had ordered the death of the Frenchman. This was after, Aubert had tried to separate Sanders from his title, boss.

Now, they needed each other, which is why he broke him out of prison. At least until they got Strand, they were on the same team. Unfortunately for him, they were not the worst of his opponents. The other was the woman he had left at the altar. Estelle Reynolds would have done anything for Wynton Strand. Now she intended to do anything to stop him.

Find out in next week’s Alaskan Silver why the woman he loved, and left, may be the last face he ever sees.

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Prayer Journals


Prayer journaling, as a Christian and as a writer, has interested me for a while. It’s more so now, as we, as a Church are focusing our entire year on prayer. For me, the challenging part is, finding a prayer journal that works for me.

What I mean by this, is twofold. I want it to be more than a list, I’ve used Apple Reminders for that. The problem is, I don’t want it to just be a massive list that you feel like you’re only reading off. I want to commit to not only the act of prayer, but the spirit of prayer.

The other issue is that I don’t want it to turn into only another form of writing. To me, a prayer journal should enhance your prayer time. Men especially love their tools, but it’s about the project, not the instrument.

Prayer and reading The Word are the most important things you will ever do. The first act of a Christian, repentance, is a prayer. Both prayer and Bible reading are parts of our communication with God.

The appeal of a prayer journal for me, is that it should inspire you to pray more, and empower you to pray deeper. In most articles, you offer solutions. In this one, I’m seeking suggestions.

What form of prayer journal do you use? Which works for you? Why does it work? Do you use Physical or digital? Email me at, or tweet me @tjpruitt. I would love to start a conversation about prayer with all of my readers. I need it, we need it, and our world needs it.

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Go To Apps

Everyone has go to apps they use regularly. Occasionally I’ll read articles to gain an insight on what people I respect are using. Today I’d like to share some of mine with you.

There are some great Bible apps. My personal favorite is Bible + from Olive Tree. The look, functionality, and features of it make it my daily Bible.

I love the library of titles, These include an assortment of, study Bibles, dictionaries, commentaries, and eBooks. You can add your own notes and highlights that sync across devices, and they backup in case of a crash.

The only problem is two of my most loved commentaries are missing. I have to supplement them with another app, though Olive Tree continues to add to their selection. Some can be pricy, but a sale is always running.

I love writing apps, and currently use four of them, in various ways. Apple’s Notes is my first stop when an idea hits me. Also, when I’m writing a blog post as well.

EverNote is for research, archiving, and voice notes. Notability is where I write eBooks, or any long form articles. I love the interface. It’s full featured, but doesn’t get in the way of writing.

Apple’s Pages is for polishing, formatting, and finalizing. This is the where drafts for others than my Wife are processed. From here, they go to friends for editing. After proofing, and corrections, they are ready for publication.

My most recent discovery is Things for the Apple Watch. Unlike the iPhone Reminders App, you can check off the list, or add new tasks on the watch. This isn’t the only reason I love it. I use Apple’s Reminders for weekly and long term tasks. I use Things for daily ones, I like the workflow of this better personally.

Now, social apps. My favorite social network is Pinterest. I love it because it’s an idea factory, art museum, and a fun hodgepodge of things I enjoy. Also when I open Pinterest it is purely about ideas. Some times the noise of social media, for me, gets in the way of the enjoyment.

I use Facebook Pages to manage PruittWrites Facebook site. Twitter is great because of the rate at which you can gain information. If you want to know more you can click on links, if not, you can keep scrolling. I use my individual Facebook to connect with family and friends.

Last, the assorted category. Pacer records my steps each day. I’ve recently switched to Overcast as my podcast app. Apple’s podcast app has stored data that remains even after deleting all podcasts. Overcast doesn’t seem to have this problem. AnyFont lets me add new fonts to my iPhone and iPad.

Quotebook stores and organizes my quotes file. This is a wonderful resource for both life and writing. I love Apple’s News app. Instagram is less social and more personal for me, because I follow a limited group with it.

These are some of the apps that allow me to grow spiritually and professionally. They help me to fulfill my responsibilities, learn, and pursue my dreams. Apps are at their core, tools. Find which ones work for you, and build something great!

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Alaskan Silver Dark Night

Wynton was furious. “I told you not to injure them, and not to kill them.” “We didn’t kill them. How were we to know they would escape that way?” “It’s still your mistake. If you had gotten the snitch before they got to him, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Can’t you get another meal ticket?” Strand spoke softly to control his anger. “For what I have planned, I need an honest man who trusts me. That balance is like walking a tight rope. You’re stupidity could easily turn it from a circus facade to a hangman’s noose.”

“What do you want me to do now? They won’t accept our help. They expect us to kill them.” Strand considered and discarded multiple possibilities in seconds, before deciding a course of action. “You do what you do best, nothing at all. I’ll handle this a different way.”

In the meantime, a lawman, three wolves, and a Mayor huddled together to stay warm. An hour in, they felt either safe, or desperate enough, to start a small fire. Each man took turns watching while the other slept.

Neither was sure what to do when dawn came. It was possible that their enemies were waiting for the same thing, with a different plan. Either way, the light was there only hope for survival. So they attempted to retain any heat they could, and prayed for day.

About an hour before the sun was to break, they could make out gun shots. They were in the distance, lasted for about ten minutes, and then faded away. The next thing they heard was Ed Trenton, a local store owner. “Sgt. Silver, Mayor, are you okay?”

“Over here Ed, over here. The Mayor and I are a little worse for it. He’s got a bullet in the leg, and me in the shoulder. My pack has cuts from the rocks. We could use some help.” “We’ll be right there.”

“Wynton Strand called you late last night. When your wife told him what you were doing, and that you hadn’t been back yet, he acted. Of course, he’s no lawman. As a matter of fact, he isn’t that good with a gun. Brave though, he was in front leading us all. Which is why we have to get to a hospital. He’s been shot, and it don’t look so good.”

Find out the repercussions of Strand’s actions in next week’s Alaskan Silver!

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Do Not Be Careful

imagePhilippians 4:6
Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Do not be anxious over anything, instead pray and ask The Lord with gratitude, declaring to Him your request. This is loosely how the words in this verse translate. Isn’t it beautiful? Wouldn’t it be powerful if we, I especially include myself, spent more time obeying the first part of this verse?

Yes, we pray, but at least in my case, I fret too much. Anxiety is something that I’ve struggled with, it’s a weakness of mine. Too many times, I’ve been guilty of worrying and praying, instead of praying and not worrying.

Please don’t misunderstand, every one battles worry to an extent. However, if we’re not prayerful, it can become debilitating. If you’re in a battle, fear is one of the enemy’s most dangerous weapons. It’s also one that God is saying to bring to the altar. To illustrate, let’s change the way we view this scene.

Instead of looking at it from our perspective, view it from above. As a Conquering Christ putting His foot on the neck of that thing that terrifies us. It may not die instantly, He may place it in prison, or allow it to remain, though shackled, long enough to train us. Either way, if we view it correctly, as always in submission to Christ, it removes the power of fear.

Once fear is reprimanded to the place of a prisoner of war, an enemy detainee, it reminds me of my freedom. I am not the one in prison, it is, which makes it’s lies nothing more than a jail break attempt. In short, fear is a bully.

All of the forces of this world realize their time is short, and their weapons limited by Christ’s power. When we couple prayer with our problems, regardless of what remains to be faced, it clarifies our course. The alter still alters every situation, prayer silences our fears.

That’s why we are encouraged to be silent. Tasks try to rob us of our prayer life, tiredness pursues us to prevent us from victory. One prayer may not eliminate the battle, but it can remind us we are on the winning side. So what I write now, I send to myself first. Don’t worry, pray, request, be thankful, and talk to Jesus. No matter the outcome, IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT!