Alaskan Silver Figures

“Wynton, are you sure of these figures?” “Here’s the report Mayor, see for yourself.” Carl looked at the proposal that Wynton had presented him. For some reason, it didn’t feel right.

Yet, Carl trusted his advisor, not knowing his real agenda. Still, he couldn’t pull the trigger on it. “Let me sleep on it Wynton, this is a big move. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Strand turned to leave. “All right sir, but if I might say this. This proposal will not only bring jobs to Alaska, it will enable you to help people on a higher level. If you don’t do it, another Mayor will, and that man will one day be Governor, at least.”

“I know you have my best interest at heart. I just want to think on it a bit.” Wynton smiled and left. Carl sat at his desk pouring over the report. He couldn’t understand what looked wrong to him, ‘maybe I’m just tired’, he thought.

He was so engrossed that Pin had to knock twice. “What’s wrong Mayor, daydreaming?” Carl smiled. “More like day worrying I guess. What can I do for you Pin?”

“I received this note this morning.” ‘Sgt, I know all about the Pick Axe business. I’ve been one of them. Now, I want out. Meet me tonight at War Ridge, and we’ll talk.’ “Do you think it’s real, or a trap?”

“I’m not sure, but either way, I could use someone that I trust for backup. I still have a little problem on the force that I can’t deal with just yet.” Carl nodded. “Let’s go.”

Find out if which it is, in next week’s “Alaskan Silver War Ridge”.

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