Do Not Be Careful

imagePhilippians 4:6
Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Do not be anxious over anything, instead pray and ask The Lord with gratitude, declaring to Him your request. This is loosely how the words in this verse translate. Isn’t it beautiful? Wouldn’t it be powerful if we, I especially include myself, spent more time obeying the first part of this verse?

Yes, we pray, but at least in my case, I fret too much. Anxiety is something that I’ve struggled with, it’s a weakness of mine. Too many times, I’ve been guilty of worrying and praying, instead of praying and not worrying.

Please don’t misunderstand, every one battles worry to an extent. However, if we’re not prayerful, it can become debilitating. If you’re in a battle, fear is one of the enemy’s most dangerous weapons. It’s also one that God is saying to bring to the altar. To illustrate, let’s change the way we view this scene.

Instead of looking at it from our perspective, view it from above. As a Conquering Christ putting His foot on the neck of that thing that terrifies us. It may not die instantly, He may place it in prison, or allow it to remain, though shackled, long enough to train us. Either way, if we view it correctly, as always in submission to Christ, it removes the power of fear.

Once fear is reprimanded to the place of a prisoner of war, an enemy detainee, it reminds me of my freedom. I am not the one in prison, it is, which makes it’s lies nothing more than a jail break attempt. In short, fear is a bully.

All of the forces of this world realize their time is short, and their weapons limited by Christ’s power. When we couple prayer with our problems, regardless of what remains to be faced, it clarifies our course. The alter still alters every situation, prayer silences our fears.

That’s why we are encouraged to be silent. Tasks try to rob us of our prayer life, tiredness pursues us to prevent us from victory. One prayer may not eliminate the battle, but it can remind us we are on the winning side. So what I write now, I send to myself first. Don’t worry, pray, request, be thankful, and talk to Jesus. No matter the outcome, IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT!

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