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Everyone has go to apps they use regularly. Occasionally I’ll read articles to gain an insight on what people I respect are using. Today I’d like to share some of mine with you.

There are some great Bible apps. My personal favorite is Bible + from Olive Tree. The look, functionality, and features of it make it my daily Bible.

I love the library of titles, These include an assortment of, study Bibles, dictionaries, commentaries, and eBooks. You can add your own notes and highlights that sync across devices, and they backup in case of a crash.

The only problem is two of my most loved commentaries are missing. I have to supplement them with another app, though Olive Tree continues to add to their selection. Some can be pricy, but a sale is always running.

I love writing apps, and currently use four of them, in various ways. Apple’s Notes is my first stop when an idea hits me. Also, when I’m writing a blog post as well.

EverNote is for research, archiving, and voice notes. Notability is where I write eBooks, or any long form articles. I love the interface. It’s full featured, but doesn’t get in the way of writing.

Apple’s Pages is for polishing, formatting, and finalizing. This is the where drafts for others than my Wife are processed. From here, they go to friends for editing. After proofing, and corrections, they are ready for publication.

My most recent discovery is Things for the Apple Watch. Unlike the iPhone Reminders App, you can check off the list, or add new tasks on the watch. This isn’t the only reason I love it. I use Apple’s Reminders for weekly and long term tasks. I use Things for daily ones, I like the workflow of this better personally.

Now, social apps. My favorite social network is Pinterest. I love it because it’s an idea factory, art museum, and a fun hodgepodge of things I enjoy. Also when I open Pinterest it is purely about ideas. Some times the noise of social media, for me, gets in the way of the enjoyment.

I use Facebook Pages to manage PruittWrites Facebook site. Twitter is great because of the rate at which you can gain information. If you want to know more you can click on links, if not, you can keep scrolling. I use my individual Facebook to connect with family and friends.

Last, the assorted category. Pacer records my steps each day. I’ve recently switched to Overcast as my podcast app. Apple’s podcast app has stored data that remains even after deleting all podcasts. Overcast doesn’t seem to have this problem. AnyFont lets me add new fonts to my iPhone and iPad.

Quotebook stores and organizes my quotes file. This is a wonderful resource for both life and writing. I love Apple’s News app. Instagram is less social and more personal for me, because I follow a limited group with it.

These are some of the apps that allow me to grow spiritually and professionally. They help me to fulfill my responsibilities, learn, and pursue my dreams. Apps are at their core, tools. Find which ones work for you, and build something great!

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