Prayer Journals


Prayer journaling, as a Christian and as a writer, has interested me for a while. It’s more so now, as we, as a Church are focusing our entire year on prayer. For me, the challenging part is, finding a prayer journal that works for me.

What I mean by this, is twofold. I want it to be more than a list, I’ve used Apple Reminders for that. The problem is, I don’t want it to just be a massive list that you feel like you’re only reading off. I want to commit to not only the act of prayer, but the spirit of prayer.

The other issue is that I don’t want it to turn into only another form of writing. To me, a prayer journal should enhance your prayer time. Men especially love their tools, but it’s about the project, not the instrument.

Prayer and reading The Word are the most important things you will ever do. The first act of a Christian, repentance, is a prayer. Both prayer and Bible reading are parts of our communication with God.

The appeal of a prayer journal for me, is that it should inspire you to pray more, and empower you to pray deeper. In most articles, you offer solutions. In this one, I’m seeking suggestions.

What form of prayer journal do you use? Which works for you? Why does it work? Do you use Physical or digital? Email me at, or tweet me @tjpruitt. I would love to start a conversation about prayer with all of my readers. I need it, we need it, and our world needs it.

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