Alaskan Silver Reorganization

Two groups were waiting to hear if Wynton Strand would live. One was Pin, Carl, and those who were ignorant of his illegal dealings. The second was those who knew well what he did. Even Artemis, from a distance, was concerned about his little brother.

He had lost a lot of blood, the surgery was touch and go. Finally the Doctor finished, Strand would live. There would be a long recovery, but he would make it. Pin and Carl were waiting by his bed when he woke up hours later.

“Wynton, thank you, but next time, keep yourself safe okay? Police business is dangerous, I do it so others won’t have to risk their lives.” Pin asked, thinking of the family he left at home to protect.

“Wynton, advise, order, supervise, but stay at your desk. Thank you, but stay away from the front next time.” Strand just smiled, and nodded.

They thought he drifted to sleep, but he did that to get rid of them. He had to think. ‘Hinkle, it was Hinkle that shot me. I told them not to ruin my plans. I can’t believe one of those thugs would act independently of their boss. Which means… This was no accident, one of my own group is trying to take over.’

‘First, I’ll deal with Hinkle. Then I’ll make a few ‘reappointments’ within the organization. I may have to use St Louis sooner, and for different reasons. That will complicate my future plans. If I don’t though, I will not have the opportunity for the future.

Wynton was accurate, for three different people were plotting to take over. Two were dangerous, and one was deadly. One was Sanders, the Pick Axe boss. He had been controlled by Strand too tightly.

The next was the Frenchman, Aubert Riviere. The two had a mutual enemy, even though Sanders and Riviere were not friends. Sanders had ordered the death of the Frenchman. This was after, Aubert had tried to separate Sanders from his title, boss.

Now, they needed each other, which is why he broke him out of prison. At least until they got Strand, they were on the same team. Unfortunately for him, they were not the worst of his opponents. The other was the woman he had left at the altar. Estelle Reynolds would have done anything for Wynton Strand. Now she intended to do anything to stop him.

Find out in next week’s Alaskan Silver why the woman he loved, and left, may be the last face he ever sees.

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