Alaskan Silver The Shipwreck

“Boat lost at sea!” He stared at the headline from his hospital bed, then read on. “The S.S. Charlemagne sank off the coast of Alaska. While most of the passengers and crew made it safely to the lifeboats, several are unaccounted for. These include steel magnet Conrad Reynolds and his two daughters, Estelle and Myra.”

The clipping was two years old, he carried it with him. He had loved her, or so he thought, but had loved money and power more. Conrad never approved of Wynton.

Somehow he saw through his carefully crafted act. The millionaire offered to finance Strand in anything he desired, as long as he ended the engagement. Reynolds was adamant on how the end happened though.

“You have to leave her waiting at the altar. My daughter must be protected against charlatans and gold diggers. This will insulate her, and she’ll seek my advice on the next man. It will be painful at first, but it will save her years of regret.”

Wynton heard this the night before the Wedding. Estelle heard it in the lifeboat as she clutched the sides of it. She was furious with her Dad, but she loved her father, and she knew he loved her. The anger for him would pass.

The anger she felt for the man that chose money and power over her would only grow. From the moment they were rescued, she went to work. In the two days they were missing at sea, she became a different person.

It was reported that Conrad Reynolds and his younger daughter Myra were rescued, along with a Mrs. Lyle Abernathy. Mrs. Abernathy, a widow, was previously thought dead at sea. Estelle grabbed the first name suggested to her. It was risky, but so was her entire plan.

The man she loved had refused to make her a bride, so she became a widow. Now she would work to convert another status of his. Currently he was successful, rich, and breathing. Estelle intended to alter all three.

Wynton never noticed the dyed blonde hair his nurse had. He didn’t notice servants, arrogant and injured as he was. She served him his food, fluffed his pillow, and gave him his medicine. It was good that he was oblivious, or he would have seen the hatred in her eyes.

Find out next week in Alaskan Silver how dangerous it is when, your enemy is your nursemaid.

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