Alaskan Silver War Ridge

Four bullets … One lay in the Pick Axe informant, another in Pin’s shoulder, one in Carl’s leg, and one in the assassin. The ambush at War Ridge lasted five minutes, but the battle of War Ridge wasn’t over.

Pin and Carl had to get to safety, it was now dark, and would only get colder. The two remaining Pick Axe men had more ammunition, a better location, and a fire. Pin and Carl had the wolf pack. More than once they had saved Pin’s life, but he wasn’t willing to risk theirs to save his. Neither was Carl, they were desperate for another way.

Suddenly Pin smiled. “The name of this place isn’t War, it’s War Ridge. It’s narrow, and it’s steep, but that ridge may be our only chance.” “They’ll pick us off as we cross.” “Not without their fire they won’t.”

“We would have to cross without our flashlights too. One wrong move and we’ll fall into the chasm.” “I know, but you have to crawl anyway, so I’ll crawl out first, if they don’t see me, then it’ll be safe for you. We’ll put the wolves between us, and then I can pull you the rest of the way.”

It was a fifty foot drop, but there only chance. The question was, how to douse the Pick Axe men’s fire? Some times, it pays to be a kid again. Especially if that kid was the South Ave Snowball Throwing Champ. Pin only needed three snowballs to put the fire out.

While the Pick Axe men were peppering the rocks Pin and pack were hiding behind, they were crawling out the other side. The rocks cut into both men, and all three wolves. They almost fell twice, but slowly, they made it out to safety.

The problem was, safety was still miles from town. Their transportation was on the other side of the ridge. It was dark, with no food, and bleeding men. The wolves were tired and licking their own wounds caused by the ridge. Carl smiled at his friend. “Now that we survived the ridge, how will we make it through the night?”

Read about Alaskan Silver’s Dark Night next week!

He Hears Us

Psalms 34:4

I sought the Lord, and he heard me,
and delivered me from all my fears.

I love this Scripture! Prayer means a Merciful, All Powerful God, cares enough to listen, and act. Prayer at its core is a relationship. It’s the opportunity for every Christian to enter the throne room of Christ, and not only petition, but communicate with Him!

Everyone Asks Questions

Everyone asks questions. The difference is the reason why. As children, we ask questions because we want to know the answers. When we get older, as we struggle with our insecurities, we ask questions to prove that we know the answers. Teachers ask questions to make sure their pupils know the answers. All purposes generate questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, at the right time, in the appropriate way. First, know who you are talking with. Will it be beneficial to both them and yourself? A mistimed, or misdirected, question can be as detrimental as the answer. Know who you’re asking something of.

Second, know when to ask. Judge the attitude, and atmosphere of the room. If you’re teacher is tired, it may be the wrong time. If they’re angry, wait. If their hearts are sad or broken, dry their tears, and wait for a better time.

Third, know why you’re asking. Do you have an agenda? Is it born out of a need? When you’re hurt, it can formulate questions that generate expected results. When this happens, you’re not obtaining a response, you’re making a statement. One that may be inaccurate, or skewed at best.

Fourth, know what you’re planning to do with the answer. Students ask to learn, teachers ask to instruct, and Doctors ask to heal. Will the answer add to your knowledge? Will it teach others something good? Will it heal you, the other person, or a situation? Know what to do, once you have the why.

Ask questions, but ask the best ones. If your request doesn’t add value, change the question. For example, we all say it, but the phrase, “Are you okay?”, can be improved. “How can I help?” This tells the other person, I know something is wrong, you don’t have to explain, and I’m here for you.

Never stop seeking answers, just know how to properly find them. You don’t have to have all, or even most, of the answers to make an impact. Ask kindly, with the right spirit, with innocent intentions. When you do this, you’ll leave a legacy that no one can question.

Alaskan Silver Figures

“Wynton, are you sure of these figures?” “Here’s the report Mayor, see for yourself.” Carl looked at the proposal that Wynton had presented him. For some reason, it didn’t feel right.

Yet, Carl trusted his advisor, not knowing his real agenda. Still, he couldn’t pull the trigger on it. “Let me sleep on it Wynton, this is a big move. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Strand turned to leave. “All right sir, but if I might say this. This proposal will not only bring jobs to Alaska, it will enable you to help people on a higher level. If you don’t do it, another Mayor will, and that man will one day be Governor, at least.”

“I know you have my best interest at heart. I just want to think on it a bit.” Wynton smiled and left. Carl sat at his desk pouring over the report. He couldn’t understand what looked wrong to him, ‘maybe I’m just tired’, he thought.

He was so engrossed that Pin had to knock twice. “What’s wrong Mayor, daydreaming?” Carl smiled. “More like day worrying I guess. What can I do for you Pin?”

“I received this note this morning.” ‘Sgt, I know all about the Pick Axe business. I’ve been one of them. Now, I want out. Meet me tonight at War Ridge, and we’ll talk.’ “Do you think it’s real, or a trap?”

“I’m not sure, but either way, I could use someone that I trust for backup. I still have a little problem on the force that I can’t deal with just yet.” Carl nodded. “Let’s go.”

Find out if which it is, in next week’s “Alaskan Silver War Ridge”.