Three Interesting Things

Three interesting things. That’s all it takes to keep your conversations fresh. It’s tempting, as we get older, to autopilot over the same topics again and again. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Keeping our minds sharp, as well as stimulating our relationships with people, is easy. At least as easy as its ever been, thanks to technology. You don’t have to be a geek like me to take advantage of it either.

First, podcasts are available on every phone, computer, and tablet. You can learn about a new culture, study a language, or even solve a murder case. No matter what subject you choose, it’s available.

Why do this? Because there is more to you than where your are, or have been. Learning something new is the closest thing to being a kid again. That feeling of having a whole new world to explore, and the joy of the adventure that follows.

Second, your internet browser. Today, they’re so advanced, most can search from the address bar. I challenge you to read one article on Wikipedia, and see where it leads. For example, if you read about Ireland, eventually you could end up in the West Indies, just by clicking a link.

Third, open a Pinterest account, and follow at least one subject or person. It’s a great way to discover new areas of interest. The person you follow because you like horses, may be into western history. It will bring new topics to your doorstep, then select those that you want to know more about.

Our conversations and our interests spark creativity, keep us engaged, and provide new horizons. It’s not about avoiding boredom to yourself or the people you talk to every day. It’s about investing in yourself, adding value to others, and being engaged.

Don’t discard your other interests, build on them. We must hold on to what grounds us, the beliefs and relationships that make us who we are. At the same time, we can add new things to enhance our lives. The mixing old and new is the inventory of treasure houses.

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