Alaskan Silver Telegram

Edward Mallory got off the boat, and would soon head to Pin and Mayor Lafayette. First, he went to put his suitcase at the hotel. Trouble had been brewing for a while now.

One of his Uncle’s staffers had overheard his plans to protect Pin and to deal with those behind the Pick Axe organization. He had briefed his Uncle, and braced himself for the fierceness of his reaction, but in the end, had found an ally. The staffer was warned there was no place in the party for a blackmail scheme, and buckled.

All of that should have meant returning to smooth waters, until a telegram arrived. Someone in the party was pulling strings. Edward wasn’t sure what they were orchestrating, but it was on a very large scale. Old allies of dangerous people, that had been quiet for years, we’re now resurfacing.

It was time for him to tell them all that he knew. Edward debated if that meant revealing what Harriet and St Louis were really there to do. He struggled with that as he left his hotel room. It was because of this, that he wasn’t paying attention.

Had he been, he may have noticed that he was being watched from a distance. The man had been waiting for days to get Edward. Now, he was out in the open, the boat had been too risky. He buttoned the coat that concealed his weapon, and followed as quietly as he could.

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