The Equipment Of Life

Drilling for oil, mining for gold, or diving for pearls all involve much more than a pay off. Perseverance, hard work, and equipment are needed to harvest precious things from the earth. This isn’t a blog just about being tenacious and committed, it’s about the tools we use. I mentioned three areas that involve specialized materials to perform a task. I’d like to share three ways we can use them to bring good out of trials.

The first is our Faith. Hardship, bad days, and curve balls irritate me, but it’s in those moments that we have the greatest opportunity to make a difference. To do this, we must keep our perspective on the goal of it all.

I must always remember that God will carry us through any adversity. My Pastor, Denny Livingston, taught me in whatever I face, to look just beyond the battle to the benefits of victory. If we will do the work of today, we will reap the rewards of tomorrow.

This couples with the second of the three tools, purpose. I don’t have to know the reason for the battle, as long as I keep in mind that my life has purpose. Every trial isn’t necessarily building me, but I am being built through every trial. Some things that happen are just life, some are lessons, but everything we go through is part of our journey.

We can learn something in every incident that happens. We don’t have to always know the why, just The Who that is leading us. Our faith in Him, and knowing that He has a purpose for our lives, will give us the strength to go on.

Thirdly, is about investment in others. Your experiences can benefit someone else, your successes and your failures. What you did right, and what you regretted, are lessons that you can share with those who haven’t walked that path yet.

As God invested in us, we should pour into those around us. It’s in how we do this that we plant better futures for all of us. Those that I love, encourage, and stand with empower me to do the same for someone else. As people poured into me, I want to pour into them.

Oil pipes, shovels, and air tanks, may not seem glamorous, until you see their results. Everything precious was dug out, mined, or harvested. It’s hard work, but once it’s cleaned up and polished, isn’t it beautiful? So is your life, you are God’s treasure, share it with others!

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