Alaskan Silver Two Hit Men

St Louis read the note again. It wasn’t the name he had expected, so his plans had to change. His cover as a Hit man was still in tact, now St Louis had to walk the tightrope. He had to appear to either murder the man, or attempt to, as his contacts saved the person. St Louis had to make sure everyone was kept safe, but the name on the note would make that much harder.

Meanwhile a woman who thought she would never laugh again, was setting in a hospital wheel chair as three wolves played at her feet. Estelle was laughing at Pin telling her about the three still acting like puppies at home. When she laughed, Pin found himself happier than he had been in a long time.

In the back of each of their minds, they shared the same thought. ‘How can I tell this person who I really am without them losing that smile?’ Soon, the question would be taken out of their hands.

Harriet stood at the window washing dishes. She was a little preoccupied herself. The visitor that morning had sidetracked her. This new information was startling, but she knew what she had to do.

Edward Mallory was wrestling a man in an alley. He wasn’t a fighter, but the fear of dying gave him strength he didn’t know he had. The man wore a mask, but asked for no money. Edward landed a punch, and ripped the bandanna off of his attacker.

Ralph was serving Minerva coffee. They were on a train to Florida. Both planned to end their association there, each in a very different way. Minerva was angry at herself, she had grown fond of the boy. It wouldn’t change her plan, but it irritated her.

Somewhere a bullet left the barrel. It was a fast and powerful weapon. The victim hadn’t suspected a thing. They felt the blood as it poured out.

As the victim slumped over, the object fell out of their hand. The shooter couldn’t get to it yet, it was too risky. They were determined to get it, this was the whole purpose for the hit. In fact, it was the secret behind the whole thing.

Find out who the victim is in next week’s Alaskan Silver.

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