A Gentle God

A gentle God stands in a turbulent world, fighting for His children. He is a warrior, with strong hands, and a tender heart. With the power to shout commands, He kindly whispers reassurances to us.

This life is filled with complications, troubles we don’t expect, or understand. We get so caught up in comprehending them, that we fail to look to Him. The Savior who loved to the cross and back, through Death, Burial, and Resurrection for us. Instead of pondering the blackness of this world, let us seek His light.

Jesus is reaching through His Church to the hurting. He is loving, lifting, and leading. In a blackened world of chaos, Calvary is more clarifying than ever. There is hope for today, healing for yesterday, and a home for tomorrow.

Whatever your need, whatever your situation, Jesus is still current, and relevant, in the twenty first century. He is present to comfort your heart, walk with you through your battle, and supply the victory. Don’t allow the fear of what you’re facing to be your focus. Turn your attention to Jesus, and allow Him to renew your heart, body, and soul.

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