Job Interview 

I have a job interview this morning, it’s for a new HR position.  These interviews, while very important, are not my favorite thing.  I don’t feel that I do them well, even though I do my best.  How many things do you do, that while necessary, you feel are in your weak areas?

I believe in playing to your strengths, but there are some have to things that don’t fit that description.  I have three recommendations for these situations. These are items that help me, and have for over eighteen years. 

First, ask for help.  As a Christian, prayer is my first stop, and I believe in it more strongly today than when I started. After this, I talk to my Pastor, my Dad, and other people with experience.  I learn from them all I can to make my decisions, and to plot my course.

Second, I research whatever it is, even familiar subjects.  This refreshes your mind, and opens up new possibilities.  Most importantly, it causes you to go from auto pilot to active. Routine is wonderful, but even with it, you must force yourself to be present in whatever you do.  If you want something new out of it, you have to focus on it.

Third, I approach it from the perspective of a student. That doesn’t mean you don’t know anything, you may even be an expert, but all of us can learn something new about everything.  As long as we commit to the fact that we can still learn.  Whether it’s a mechanic, an artist, or a surgeon, there is always something that is new to us, if not new altogether.

Well, I’m going to go get ready for my interview.  I hope these recommendations will help you in something you’re facing today.  Remember, anything is possible, with the right counsel, information, and preparation.

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