Alaskan Silver,  Serials

Alaskan Silver Old Friends New Wounds

St Louis looked at her, she had come a long way since they were kids. He had heard the story of the Secret Service Agent she had saved. It didn’t surprise him, Harriet always had a sense of adventure about her. The question was, why did someone want her dead?

“Lucas, it’s good to see you.” “I’m glad to see you too. I just wish it were under better circumstances. I don’t like being sent to kill anyone, especially old friends.”

Harriet looked at the now tall, nicely dressed man. She remembered the little boy that always ended up with torn pants from playing too hard. Edward had told her he was actually an agent, so his statement didn’t surprise her.

“My guess is that it’s too upset the Mayor. They’ve tried before, but that’s not what worries me.” St Louis nodded. “Me too. The big problem is, was us knowing each other a coincidence, or is my cover blown?”

While St Louis and Harriet were trying to answer these questions, another was being asked. It too was life or death, between a scared young man, and his attacker. It was simply this, would Edward Mallory survive the knife wounds that he had just suffered?

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