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Seven Years

I wrote this poem to my wife Ashley for our seventh anniversary.  I love you honey, Happy Anniversary!

Seven Years

Singles open a pair of eyes,

Couples view through a set of two,

I watch as laughter, joy, even sighs,

Ignite her hazel hues,

They speak and my heart replies,

We grow, learn, and unite our hopes,

While stilling anxiety and fear,

With one gaze my mind elopes,

As Yesterday’s sounds I hear,

Seven years not long behind,

I relive and reminisce,

As souls intertwined,

Rings, vows, and wedded kiss,

Cherishing each interaction,

Our moments together,

Adding layers of attraction,

As rubies to a treasure,

Love, understanding, and compassion.

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Alaskan Silver Impatience

The hat, and the letter, sat between them, Strand and Sanders. Berger, Sanders’s second lieutenant was the only other person in the room. “Hinkle was my best man, you shouldn’t have killed him.” “You shouldn’t have threatened me.” “I want more than to be Edwin Strand’s enforcer.”

The two stared at each other for a moment. Sanders was visibly angry, but Strand appeared cool. “Sanders, the primary thing I want to know is why now?” “Simple, if I’m right, you’re on the verge of launching this power play. A month from now, you would be so big I couldn’t stop you. It was my time to get mine now.”

Strand didn’t answer, as if he was waiting for something. Just then, he saw the look in Sanders eyes. He was dead in a few minutes. Strand had brought the hat in, but Sanders never picked up on his gloves.

Edwin had laced the hat with poison, before going in and handing it Sanders to examine. While he hadn’t touched the part that had the poison on it, he was careful in taking off the gloves. Quickly, he grabbed the letter, exited the room, and told Berger he was the new Pick Axe head.

Berger would wait five minutes, until Strand was gone. Then he would open the door, tell the rest that Sanders had a heart attack, and quickly bury the body. No one questioned Berger, which explained why it was so easy for Strand to use him.

He had wanted the same thing Sanders had, power. Strand had promised it to him, and now he had a new general. Of course, Berger, like all the rest to Strand, was expendable.

Meanwhile, Pin and Estelle, as well as Carl and his family, were coping with the news of Harriet’s reported death. No one, not even Edward Mallory, knew she was still alive. St Louis was convinced that they had to be careful, he suspected that someone wasn’t who they appeared to be.

Across the country, Ralph Hearns was finally safe. It had taken a desperate move to accomplish it, but he had slept peacefully for the first time in days. Minerva’s men found him in the town he was hiding in. He barely got away with his life, but now he was safe.

Tomorrow, he would have to feed the lions, and setup the tent, but they would be two towns away. Two days later, they’d leave the state. It would be a tiring life, but it would be a safe one.

A lion tamer’s assistant had to sleep pretty near the cages, but he didn’t mind. For Ralph, joining the circus wasn’t about viewing America. It was about living, and never seeing Minerva again.

Every player was in place, except for two. One of these was Artemis. He didn’t like the fact that Aunt Minerva’s plan hinged on the other person. It meant that something could still go wrong. “Edwin won’t admit to himself that Aunt Minerva is slipping.”

Ten years ago, she would have sowed it up by now. If she hadn’t notified him by the end of the week, he would act alone. Artemis wanted Grandpa’s plan too, but was prepared to hurry it along. That impatience could prove costly, for one Alaskan policeman next week.

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The Twofold Light Of God

Psalms 119:105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my feet.

The two parts of this verse compliment, and even reflect each other, but they’re not identical. One shines light on the vehicle, the next lights the journey. Two similar references in Isaiah and Romans proclaim how beautiful are the feet who publish peace, or the Gospel of peace. These three verses are connected.

As Christians, we are to seek to present ourselves to God, and the Gospel to man. First, we must keep our vessel in good spiritual condition. The lamp in the verse points to the feet before it points to the road. We must seek God, overcome things in our own life, and be pleasing to Him above all else. We are not perfect, but we are pursuing Christ’s perfection.

In the process, we should share with everyone we can, what God has done for us. As our lives touch the path of those around us with His message, they should see a person transformed by the love of God. Today, let us seek to draw closer to God, and feel His light transforming us.

Then, let’s walk into a hurting world and reflect what His love light has performed in us. Others has blistered souls, in need of the washing power of God’s love. They, like Simon Peter, will experience The Master washing their feet.

Simon didn’t understand why, but God knew. He would walk out of the night denying Christ, yet mercy would walk him into the light of Pentecost preaching the Gospel. I’m so glad for the twofold light of God, first for myself, and second, for allowing me to share His light with others.

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Alaskan Silver The Clearing

St Louis stood in the clearing. He fired, and watched with a sour stomach, as his target fell. The Pick Axe man with him smiled.

“They’ll be pleased, you’ve earned your money. I didn’t think anyone could get close from that far away, not even me. Now that the Mayor’s little protector is dead, we can put things in motion.”

A scream was heard a few seconds later. Hinkle left to report to Sanders, and then to Strand. St Louis left too, careful to go in a different direction than Hinkle. He didn’t want to be connected to the shooting.

When first assigned to this undercover op, it had been just an assignment. Now, to maintain his cover, they expected him to kill Harriet, who was a lifelong friend. He hadn’t admitted it to himself until now, but he had loved her for years.

St Louis had never killed undercover, and he wasn’t about to start. That was the good thing about his carefully built reputation. He was famous for the long kill.

Very few people could fire from that far away, and that was key. It allowed him to stage a “killing”. You’ve figured it by now, but the target was a decoy, and the scream was Harriet’s. She would hide, pretending to die.

St Louis contact, who had arrived only days before, would hide her. The house was empty, everyone was away. So he would arrange for the death to be reported, and the “body” taken to a hasty burial. If this was a test, St Louis had passed it.

The real problem was not with the expensive gun, but the cheap hired one. Hinkle wouldn’t get the chance to report to anyone. Berger rode up to him. “What are you doing here?”

“Strand sent me. He said to tell you three things. First, he didn’t forget getting shot. Second, he doesn’t appreciate black mail.” “Wha else?” “Good bye.” After replacing the rifle, he pulled out the shovel. Berger would keep Hinkle’s hat to take to Strand, as ordered. The rest would end in a hasty burial in another clearing.

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Wrinkle Free Church

Ephesians 5:27

27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

Growing up, this verse was quoted throughout my childhood. As Christians, we spend a lot of time focusing on the part about without spot and without blemish, and we should. Lately, I’ve been drawn to the part about the wrinkles.

A wrinkle is found in three places. First, in a face aged by time and worry. Second, in an un-ironed, or overly worn garment. Third, a wrinkle is an unexpected event which messes with our plans. Yet, God declared, at the end, He would return for a wrinkle free Church.

Psalms 103:5

5 Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Our Savior never intended for us to be dominated by worry, nor does He want the Church to be wearied by this world. He knew we would be tempted to, but that we could overcome through Him. As time waxes worse and worse, He plans for us to wax stronger, and more faithful.

When we focus on Jesus, He renews us. Christ is able to keep us through our journey. He is our fountain of living water that revitalizes us.

The Bible says that robes of white linen represent the righteousness of the saints. This is why it’s so important to have lives without wrinkle. It’s not that we are anything in and of ourselves, but that with Christ’s help, we can live free from sin and focused on Jesus.

Distractions are wrinkles. People are so busy with the cares of this life, that Church gets neglected. For some, Church attendance is no longer on the top of the to do list. For others, they attend, but they’re not involved. They mistake physical presence for emotional interaction.

When you first interview for a job, your hair is combed, your shirt or blouse is ironed, and you look great. Over time, after being there a while, you wake up a little late, throw what’s clean on, and head out. After you get there, you try to either hide or ignore the wrinkles.

It’s easy to be that way spiritually, if we’re not careful. When we first come to Christ, we are overwhelmed that a loving God would give His life to save us. We are completely committed to Him. Over time, cares of this life can distract us.

Distractions are like weeds which slowly overtake a garden. The garden is still there, but it’s not in the condition it was in. It’s possible to love, and serve God, without Him being our first priority. That is the danger of the wrinkle of distraction.

Finally, there is the wrinkle of unexpected events. Those things which alter our plan, change our course, and derail our future. Personal tragedies, family crisis, and other situations can, if we’re not careful, throw our lives into a tailspin. If we allow them to, they draw our minds away from a close relationship with God. Christ must be the center of our lives, only He is able, to keep us balanced when our world is rocked to it’s core.

Jesus said, “In the world you shall have tribulation, but I have overcome the world.” This means that we don’t have to allow worry, distraction, or the unexpected to rob us from a strong relationship with God. No matter what we face, we can do so fully committed to Christ.

This world is a temporary place, one which we can’t afford to be our first priority. The old song says our life here is just a changing room for Heaven. Very soon, we will hear a call to meet our Savior, and we must be prepared. Every hair in place, clothed in pure white, without spot, without blemish, and without any wrinkle.

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Alaskan Silver Swim For Your Life

They had reached Florida, the train would stop soon. Aunt Minerva and Ralph would reach their destination in a short while. It was there that she would finalize her plan. It was also the place Minerva intended to kill Ralph Hearns, and where he planned to escape.

It was a risk, but he had to take it. He had ran out of time. He had seen the telegram that Minerva thought she had hid so cleverly. Ralph’s courage was weak, but his will to live was stronger. He jumped from the train as it crossed the bridge.

He hit the water hard, and dove as deeply as he could. He had to get as much distance as possible before he surfaced. They would think he committed suicide, especially after finding the note.

When he did surface, the train was almost out of sight. Ralph was still careful to only be above water enough to breathe. When it was finally out of sight, he drug himself out of the water, and headed in the opposite direction.

“She took the news well. Although I did see a tear or two. I wonder who will take care of the poor old woman now?” The porter said to the engineer. Minerva had shed a crocodile tear or two, she could always manage them when it suited her.

When she was alone, she laughed. “Oh the boy is smart. Faking a suicide to escape death. I have to admire that boy. I’ll let him get a few towns away before I kill him. It’s a shame, but it has to be done.”

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PruittWrites With Purpose: Stories Of Perspective


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