Alaskan Silver Understanding

Edward crawled out of the alley, making as much noise as he could. Someone heard him and came to investigate. They took him to the hospital and called Pin.

Edward was cut pretty badly, but the doctor explained that his attacker was an amateur. “Had he known what he was doing Sergeant, the man would be dead. This wasn’t an expert, it was a man filled with rage. He was stabbing anything he could.”

Pin stayed with him through the night. When he awoke the next morning, Pin asked him if he knew his attacker. “It was the former staffer that tried to blackmail me. Apparently he views me as the reason he lost everything. He rambled about revenge the entire time.”

After getting a description and giving it to a deputy, Pin went to Estelle’s room. He wheeled her in to meet Edward. She had heard about him, but hadn’t seen him before.

“This is Edward Mallory.” “I recognize Miss Reynolds from the newspaper. , I met your Father once, Conrad, before the Charlemagne shipwreck.” She just stared at him, and then tears began to run down her face. Estelle expected anger, or bitter words, but Pin just excused themselves and rolled her back to her room.

Once there, she braced herself for an argument, but didn’t expect what she received. Pin knelt beside her chair, put his arm around her, and let her cry. After that, he waited for her to speak.

She began her story, the shipwreck, the anger, and the plan. How she had used a false name, and the training. Then how she couldn’t go through with it, the fire, and meeting Pin. “I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t know how to say I have a past.”

“You start out by saying you were a young police officer that went undercover. You tell how an evil man threatened your family. How you took him in, but his friends were still out there. You tell the woman you love how you changed your name, moved across the country, and met her. You ask her to forgive you for the cause of both of your tears.”

“How can you love a murderer?” “I don’t I love you. You never hated him, if you had, you wouldn’t have saved him. Besides Estelle Reynolds is a much prettier name than the one you were using.”

Most of our episodes, we end with a cliffhanger, but not today. You see, like all Americans, Alaskan Silver celebrates this weekend. We rejoice in a country of freedom. Where we can have a second chance. An opportunity to worship freely, build a new life, and help others. God Bless Our Nation, and Happy Fourth Of July!

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