The Twofold Light Of God

Psalms 119:105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my feet.

The two parts of this verse compliment, and even reflect each other, but they’re not identical. One shines light on the vehicle, the next lights the journey. Two similar references in Isaiah and Romans proclaim how beautiful are the feet who publish peace, or the Gospel of peace. These three verses are connected.

As Christians, we are to seek to present ourselves to God, and the Gospel to man. First, we must keep our vessel in good spiritual condition. The lamp in the verse points to the feet before it points to the road. We must seek God, overcome things in our own life, and be pleasing to Him above all else. We are not perfect, but we are pursuing Christ’s perfection.

In the process, we should share with everyone we can, what God has done for us. As our lives touch the path of those around us with His message, they should see a person transformed by the love of God. Today, let us seek to draw closer to God, and feel His light transforming us.

Then, let’s walk into a hurting world and reflect what His love light has performed in us. Others has blistered souls, in need of the washing power of God’s love. They, like Simon Peter, will experience The Master washing their feet.

Simon didn’t understand why, but God knew. He would walk out of the night denying Christ, yet mercy would walk him into the light of Pentecost preaching the Gospel. I’m so glad for the twofold light of God, first for myself, and second, for allowing me to share His light with others.

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