God Timing

In January my career took an unexpected turn. I was suddenly looking for a new position, which God has recently blessed me with. Through it all, He has blessed us to pay our bills, and to keep everything going. 

That, in and of itself, is incredible, but there’s an added aspect that I love. I received an email today concerning another job I was considering the day I was first offered my new position. My Pastor, Denny Livingston, had advised me to pray for clear direction when it appeared that both doors were open to me.

I asked The Lord to help me know which door was the right one. He not only answered the next day, but closed the door I wasn’t supposed to take. I start my new position next week, today they plan to finalize the preliminary paperwork.

The email I received from the other company today was a thank you for applying letter. The same day we hope to finish the paperwork for the right door, God reminded me of Him closing the wrong one, just as I asked.

My timing would have been to start a new job two weeks after the old one, but God had another plan. I have an idea of why, but I’m not sure I know, and that’s okay. I don’t have to know, He knows, and for me, that’s all I need to know.  

My prayer for myself, and for everyone reading this, is to be on His schedule, and not our own. On our schedule, the wrong doors open, not the right ones. On His schedule, we walk in at the best time possible. Really, should we be surprised when The Creator of time, has better timing than we do?

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