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Hebrews 7:25Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.
God knows when to speak, how it will be most effective, and what to say. That sounds pretty obvious, but so many times I forget. That’s when He steps in, speaks, and alters everything once again.
It was one of those mornings yesterday, where I was awake before five, wrestling with my own insecurities. It was then He placed this verse on my mind, and as strange as it may seem, this isn’t one of my go to verses. You those verses that you hold onto in the midst of a struggle? 
Those tried and true chapters that are life ropes when you feel like you’re drowning? Psalms, Isaiah, Galatians, verses in these books are usually my battle cry. David’s words, Isaiah’s vision, and Paul’s unshakable confidence are typically the weapons I choose. If you held a verse literally, there would be worn grooves where I’ve clutched them in the fight.
This verse though, it was one that I have read, and yes sung the hymn, but it was not something I had memorized. I say that to explain what I hadn’t picked up on at first. A day or so before, the hymn had come to mind, but not the verse. The morning when I was struggling with doubt, this verse came to mind.
I felt compelled to look it up, and to tell you the truth, part of me didn’t expect this exact wording to be there. I thought I was thinking of the old song, “… I’m saved to the uttermost, and I know that I am.” I failed to remember the verse inspired the song, and not the other way around. I can promise you though, I’ll never forget it again.
Before you, like me, begin the recounting of all of our own self built obstacles, focus on this. There was no greater obstacle than the one that separated God from His creation. The mocking Black Death known as sin, challenging God to either destroy His people, or put up with something inside them that was utterly unlike Himself.
I believe that the enemy thought He had placed God in an impossible situation, one that even The Creator could not resolve. Arrogance told our adversary that even God could not scale this wall. How wrong, on both counts, was the accuser!
God, neither condoned sin, nor condemned us. Instead, He turned the world upside down, that’s in the book too, to rescue us. He, sinless and spotless, took our sin, condemned Himself, and gave His life. He converted us from the infestation of sin, to the innocent children of Calvary.  
What we received was not a transfusion, but a transformation. Through His blood, He didn’t inoculate us, that involves placing the disease inside you, instead He eradicated the deadly disease. His blood, and His innocence, replaced our iniquities.
After this, we still question our own self worth, our own ability to be what God would have us to be? I know it’s crazy, but I’m guilty of it too many times. If He scaled the chasm of righteous God and sinful man, then He is strong enough to help us through any battle we face.
One of the meanings of save them here is this, “To save from the evils that obstruct the reception of The Messianic deliverance.” God is able, not only to keep us, but to keep our eyes locked on Him when things attempt to distract us.  
That’s what He did for me yesterday morning. When my flesh was trying to worry me, His word calmed me, and reminded me. Christ is not only big enough to face my enemies, He’s big enough to silence my own self when it attempts to scare me with my own feelings of inadequacy.

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