Alaskan Silver Wolf Rescue

The meeting had been coming for a long time. One was glad it was finally happening, the other, didn’t care for the timing. He was sat in a chair, and tied up, under the threat of a gun. Only it wasn’t Ralph Hearns, it was Pin, and he wasn’t in great condition just now.

His face and body had been beaten, and now, he was looking at one of the men he had sacrificed his future to put away. “Why here cop, why now?” “If I knew I’d be meeting you here, I would have brought a friend or two.” “Pals with bullets no doubt.” “No, teeth.”

A few hours earlier, when Pin saw Ralph Hearns, there was a third man in the shadows. The High Flying Lewzinstra saw the chase. Just after Pin had caught Ralph, he hit him from behind. Lewzinstra’s real purpose exposed, he gave Ralph a choice. Help him and live, or die right there.

Now Ralph, feeling it impossible to escape again, reluctantly went along with the plan. Lewzinstra called in Minerva’s men, and she sent an old acquaintance of Pin’s former life to see him. She wanted to know what Pin knew before he died.

Pin refused to talk one way or the other. They weren’t sure if he knew anything, or if he was just trying to stay ahead of them. They couldn’t kill him until they knew how much, if any, of Minerva’s plot he knew. What they didn’t know was, that Pin had a third option. 

When her new husband didn’t return from walking, Estelle got scared. She started to go for help, but then realized that her best help was already with them. Estelle went straight to the wolves, and Francois.  They reasoned it had to be someone in the circus, some enemy they didn’t know about. So the wolves began to search for the leader of their pack.

When it happened, it was quick. The wolves burst through the tent, teeth exposed, attacking every threat they saw. Francois fired a shot at Lewzinstra to disarm him. Estelle pointed Pin’s rifle right at the head of the man she had just seen hit her husband.

“Ok, ok, call these monsters off!” Pin looked at his wife grinning. “They’re not monsters, their family, but they’re not your biggest problem right now. If you don’t want my Bride to shoot you, I suggest you come around here and untie me, fast!” The man complied, and Pin thanked him by knocking him out squarely on the jaw.

Ralph Hearns hadn’t resisted the wolves when cornered. He at least knew their motives, nor had he attacked Pin. Ralph was glad they had rescued the policeman, and was ready to stop running. Whatever it took, whatever he had to face, he was ready to stand up and expose Minerva and Edwin Wynton Strand!

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