Happy Workers

The farmer is glad for his field. It is a place where he sees the result of his labor. Whether tilling, sowing, or reaping, this is the place where investment meets return. Today, I want to encourage the working, you’re not only earning a living, you’re part of something much bigger.

After seven months of being laid off, I can tell you that I have a renewed appreciation for getting up each day, and getting to go to work. It’s more than just a paycheck, it’s a sense of contributing. Both on a moral, and economic level, you are fulfilling a purpose.

Every position, from a pizza maker to a CEO, is adding value to society. In economics, there is something known as the ripple effect. One event doesn’t only make money, it enables other events to do the same.  

Take for example, a young man gets hired as a pizza delivery driver. Because of his job, he can now afford a car payment. He buys an older used car. That payment doesn’t only allow him to go to work and school, the commission of the sale, helps feed the salesman’s family. It also allows the young man’s parent to either work additional hours, or frees them up to spend time fulfilling other needs.

Because of one teenager’s willingness to work, two families are made better. They spend time and money, which helps enable other people’s jobs, and lives. No matter what your occupation, you’re doing more than just going to work each day.

You are helping to maintain your family, your community, and even your country. We joke about taxes, and the cost of living, but for those of us blessed to work each day, we are making it possible for others to live. The soldier that is risking their lives to protect us, can trust in the continuing of their country, not only because of their sacrifice, but because of hard working citizens who help to maintain it.  

The doctor who cares for sick children can continue to do so because of a stable economy. It’s a shaky world, and there are real problems, but if you’re working, you’re part of the solution. I write this because I know how easy it can be to become frustrated by circumstances.  

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, or as if you’re barely getting by. Conditions can affect your outlook, your emotions, and your health. The truth is, there are no unimportant people, or positions. This isn’t to say your only value is in your career, just that your career is valuable.

Perhaps it’s not the job you dreamed of, by all means, responsibly pursue your dreams, but remember this. Your current work isn’t only enabling the dreams of others, it’s doing the same for you. By feeding yourself, and your family, you are supplying the resources that carry you from the present into your future.  

We are not helpless creatures of fate, God has blessed us with the ability to create opportunities. Hard work produces experience, and experiences generate knowledge. That knowledge, used wisely, opens new doors. So don’t allow discouragement and frustration to rob you of your worth.

If you are blessed to be able to work, you’re making a difference. If like I was, because of a lay off, or a health issue, you can’t work, that doesn’t mean you’re not valuable either. Today though, I want to encourage the worker who’s asking themselves what it all means.  

Maybe you’re not where you expected to be, and there’s value in evaluating your current situation. Only, don’t let where you’re not, cause you to disregard where you are. Evaluate where you are, make plans for the future, but don’t devalue how far you’ve come.  

You are earning a living, no matter what the amount, you’re helping to keep your country going, and you are inspiring others that they can also one day feed their family. Thank you to the working men and women of our country, and our world. You are making it a better place, by what you do.

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