Shepherds Coast

Zephaniah 2:6
And the sea coast shall be dwellings and cottages for shepherds, and folds for flocks.

The wonderful thing about this verse is the promise that, the land in question, after years of being an oppressive enemy to Israel, would have an entirely new purpose. God used a word for coast, that I feel, helps to illustrate this. The word coast, also means a noose of cords.  

I remembered today, that a noose and a lifeline have the same shape. One goes around the neck of the accused, and the other around the waste of the one in trouble. Whether stuck on the side of a cliff, or drowning in a boat, they grab for the same shape the condemned dreads to see.  

God said that He would turn the sea coast, the former dwelling of the Philistines, into a place where shepherds fed their flock. That same region, not only became a retreat for shepherds and sheep, but a place where Jesus walked. 

The very area that Israel’s enemies stemmed from, became a place visited by The One called the Stem Of Jesse. Life replaced death, hope invaded despair, and conviction took the place of condemnation. 

One commentary said that pits were dug where Shepherds and flocks could stay to keep cool. In Iceland, former burned areas in the mountains became places of refuge. Today, Christians in general, and Pastors in particular, have faced a wave of battles.

Through them all, they have been faithful, forgiving, and loving. I feel that God has given this to me, specifically for them.

My belief, and my prayer is. That God would take those situations, people, and circumstances who wounded you. That He would turn them from pits of sorrow, into places of strength.

Those things that attempted to burn you out, and destroy you, to be turned to your good. Just as the areas of Israel, which were once the homes of the Philistines, became the places where Jesus walked. God will turn those instruments designed to take your life, to become lifelines, and connections to your future.

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