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Eddington Mental Espresso 

After Joe left, we started the clean up. Otecko had only told us that he had passed the, whatever it was, to our cousin Michael in the marines. He wouldn’t tell us what it was, only that it was safe in the heart of America’s military.

Joe wasn’t happy, but you can’t argue once Otecko sets his mind. Joe set about figuring out how to protect the family, and I was full of nervous energy. Otecko was quiet, and that’s what terrified me.

It was a strange quiet, he was second guessing himself. I tried to reassure him. “You did what you thought was best. I’m sure we’re in good hands with Joe and the E.P.D. looking out for us. “I’m not worried about us Tomáš, but the countries of my birth.”

“If someone is after the králi poklad, that means they’re after more. Every dictator wants symbols to convince those he imprisons that he cannot be defeated. This means they will not try. To whoever it may be, the králi poklad, is the velvet glove for an iron fist.”

I looked it up when I got home, but the internet didn’t have anything that helped. I also text Michael, and cryptically told him what happened. Then I asked what it was.

He text back. “Don’t no, never saw it, never asked. Once he gave it to me, I buried it in the sands.” “Was it in a box or something? How could you not see it?” 

Michael has a odd sense of humor, and loves riddles. Instead of answering like a normal person, he responded the way I was afraid he would. When I read it, I could imagine that sly grin on his face when he got my goat.  

“In a container, but not a box. One that’s empty til filled up.” I hate riddles, I obsess over them. They’re like a mental espresso to me. Which is why I couldn’t get to sleep for a half hour after laying down, but not the reason I was up again in an hour. No, that was because of the car that rammed through the front gate, that ended any plans for rest I had.

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Seasons Glee

The start of my favorite time of year is quickly approaching.  Thanksgiving and Christmas mean more than a great meal, and colored lights.  I love both, but it’s also a time when you feel closer to your loved ones, even if they’re hours away.

Between schedules and everything else, I don’t always get to be with everyone I’d like this season.  Still, we get to share our memories, and the wonder of the season. Wonder is the key word, and that’s what makes it all wonderful.

Every bowed knee, every thank you, every sparkling eye at the reality of the manger.  The heartbeat of The Christ child meant, that spiritually our hearts would beat for the first time.  He would give His heart for us, and then rise to lead us.  

I am thankful for a season of giving, but most of all, for the gift of being part of the family of God.  His wonder,  brought an end to our wandering. So that kiddish glee you hear November 1st, yeah, that’ll be me.

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PruittWrites Western: The Merchants Rifle

Our first western is available now @  It seemed like every character you could imagine, has been the subject of a western, except one.  I wanted to write something with a different slant on it, so I’d like to introduce you to Travis, owner of the general store, and a hero.  He wasn’t looking for it, but it found him.  I hope you enjoy The Merchants Rifle.

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Twenty Eight Years

Twenty eight years ago Lucian Linkous and I received The Holy Ghost in a Revival at our home church. My life has always been connected with great people. Bishop Dean Livingston brought in one of his closest friends, Bishop Spencer K Mccool Sr. to minister. 

He preached about persistently seeking after God, the title was “Drinking The King’s Wine Until You Get Drunk”. Lucian received it during the altar service, and I didn’t. Heartbroken I went home, until my mother Phyllis Pruitt felt like continuing to pray with me. 

At twenty til two in the morning I received The Holy Ghost. Today, I am blessed to be a Minister at Point Of Mercy, and to have Pastor Denny Livingston, as my Pastor. Each of these, including Lucian, more a brother than a friend, have made my life richer, stronger, and full of love. 

 I know it’s a little long post, but today is a celebration, and we are going to Point Of Mercy to rejoice at God’s goodness. How do you plan to say thank you to the Savior today?

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Eddington: A Cup And Joe

Otecko sat there, sipping his coffee, staring out into space. He waited as we sat down, each taking a place around him like we did when we were kids. Only this wasn’t a bedtime story.

“We’ve faced many enemies of freedom, all similar, just different coats. Whether it was the Nazis, or the Communist, or even before, the goal is always the same. Liberty not for the many, but the few.”

He paused, and sipped again. I saw Joe resisting the urge to hurry it along, knowing the slowness wasn’t for effect. It was almost as if he was struggling to share something with us.

“Our countries have always had good men, ready to sacrifice if needed. When I was young, four of us were chosen, not to fight, but to transport. They knew we had chosen to seek new paths for our future families, and they asked us.”

“We were to carry something old into our journey towards the new. Novak put something in four containers, and sent them with us. I hoped last week was just a random act, until tonight. He was looking here, because he expected I passed it to the next generation, and they to one of you.”

Joe didn’t ask, and neither did I. We each made calls to make sure everyone was safe. Otecko let us, and then continued. “I knew they were safe, because he is here. This was their second attempt, and since we have fought back, it will do three things.”

“First, it will anger them. Fighting back always angers evil men. Second, it will confuse them, the fact that they have failed again. Last, it will intensify them, they will be more dangerous next time, and there will more of them.”

Joe couldn’t take it anymore. “Otecko, what are they looking for? What is it?” He looked at us with very sad eyes. 

“Something I would not give them, but also, something I could not give them. Because I no longer have it, it has been passed already, but not to any of you.”

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Viewing The House

Psalms 52:8 But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

This Psalm was written when a servant of Saul, who had been at the Tabernacle, reported to Saul that David had been there. According to the heading of the Psalm, Saul’s servant said that David visited the house of Ahimelech. David called it the house of God.

The result, Saul killed the High Priest, and all but one of his family. David rescued, and protected that man. He also recognized not only the importance of the house, but of the Priest of the house.

The difference between Saul and David’s view of both the house and man of God is prevalent throughout their lives. Saul was introduced to Samuel, as a young man, by another servant. David was a servant of God from singing in the field, to standing against a giant.  

I support my Pastor, first because he is my Pastor. Second, out of love, friendship, and loyalty. First though, I recognize, he is the man of God. A man yes, but more importantly, a man of God.  

How you view your relationship with the Church, will affect how you view your relationship with your Pastor, as well as the other way around. This month is Pastor Appreciation Month.  

Take some time to thank God, for your Church, and it’s leaders. Then take some time, and tell them thank you for all they do. The difference they make lifts our perspective, and causes us to focus on The God of the house.