Alaskan Silver Discovering Home

The symphony was playing Beethoven’s ninth, as Pin looked over at his wife. Of course, he didn’t go by that any more. Now he was once again Patrick Wade London, and no longer hunted. All of that ended five and a half years ago, with the tumbling of Edwin Wynton Strand.

His mind went back to the memory of those few days. Monopole, the mystery brother, convinced everyone that Edward and all of them planned the shooting. They were taken into custody, leaving Monopole free to search for the shooter.

Edward reached out to his Uncle, and the best lawyer in the capital argued for their release. They were out of jail, but still under suspicion, a few hours later. Pin knew, the only way to rescue them all, was to expose Strand.

Harriet was working on that. Artemis was tied up in his hotel room. The man had been shaving when, he thought, the maid came in. His Aunt’s hotel was the only place he felt secure enough to not use his security constantly. Harriet had learned more about him by going through St Louis’ notes.

Since it was based on a code they used as children, it was easy. Harriet felt, of the three, Artemis would be the easiest to get the information from. St Louis had pieced a lot of things together. Her plan wasn’t revenge, but justice.

She knew that, only by bringing down the Strand-Piper family, would they be safe. After securing both Artemis, and the information, she went to work. He was still recovering from being hit over the head, as well as a bloody nose.

Next was the shooting, this would bring unwanted attention to Edwin and Minerva, Monopole was last. Although she didn’t know the exact link, St Louis had discovered ties between him and Minerva. This meant he was dangerous, but how do you stop a high ranking military officer?

Simple, you let him stop himself. Harriet reasoned that his first move would be to arrest Edward and the others. She had seen them when she positioned herself, and put the rest of the plan together. While Monopole was busy trying to take them down, she would fuel his anger, until he exploded. She sent a note to Estelle, to give to Pin.
It told him to push Monopole as much as they could, and she would do her part. The politician in Lafayette kicked in. Between him and Edward’s Uncle, they got in to see their prey. Pin knew, threatening him wouldn’t work, he was a military man.

Discipline would prevent him from reacting, he had to find another way of getting him angry enough. After learning from Ralph, that Minerva was the lynch pin, Pin knew the key. He hated to do it, but it was the only way.

“Just because some old relic in a hotel gets wounded, you’d think we fired in the President. We didn’t hit her, or Strand. Besides, let the police tend to it. Why is the military involved? Strand isn’t even an elected official, and this woman is nothing more than a forgotten aspect of the past.”

That did it. Monopole lunged at Pin, right in front of the man who had arranged the meeting. A close personal friend of Edward’s Uncle, the President. He couldn’t show favoritism and choose sides in a party fight, but could grant his friend a favor.

Pin ducked, swung, and ducked again. It was a quick, but intense fight, ending with Monopole on the floor. He grabbed Monopole’s wallet at a guess, and was right. The lady’s picture, much younger, with an even younger Monopole beside her, was inside.

This proved they were connected. The package that Monopole had confiscated with the needed proof against Strand, was found in his desk. The President allowed them to search it, once he saw the picture. Finally, Thorn Piper’s plan was exposed to the world.

He had bought up land across Alaska, and the United States, controlling prime real estate. Thorn had built not one, but three armies. A criminal organization, eventually ran by Artemis. A political machine, secured by Minerva through her puppets, and then her heir apparent, Edwin Wynton.

Last, was the military mind of Monopole, who could maneuver the leaders of the armed forces.
This way, no matter who was elected, they controlled land, both parties, and could silence everyone who opposed them. It was a variation on the rumored Aaron Burr conspiracy that had almost worked. Had it not been for a woman who’s husband was in the hospital, and a man who knew men cherish their mothers.

As the symphony reached a climax, Pin remembered something else. The first time, since it all began, that he saw his Mother and Father. They were glad that, in stopping Strand, he had taken down those who planned to kill him. Now they could see their son, and meet his new bride.

Proud Grandparents, of four years, they doted upon the triplets. Alaskan weather, and other business kept them in New York for the last few years. The boys were big enough now, and Pin missed their pack. The wolves we’re with the Lafayettes, the city wasn’t conducive for them. Pin and Estelle longed to see them, and Alaska. Tomorrow they, a recovered, retired St Louis, Harriet, and little Alicia would board a boat for home.

Pin was going back to overseeing the small town’s police force. St Louis, this time for real, was opening a place. He would supply the music, and Harriet would supply the food. She had insisted he give up the dangers of undercover work, with the compromise of being a part time Alaskan policeman when Pin needed him.

It was Edward, after his Uncle’s return to party leader, that became advisor to the President. He left that after awhile, when offered the opportunity to return to curating, in the territorial capital of Alaska. Edward was meeting them the next morning to sail for a quieter life.

Carl’s influence in Alaskan politics continued to grow. The group would have many more adventures together. As for the Strands, they had an adventure all their own.

Monopole was stripped of his rank, and convicted of treason. He, and his brothers had cells side by side. As for Minerva, she had disappeared. No one knew what had happened to the old woman. Every so often, the brothers would get a cryptic letter, which their jailers examined very closely.

Ralph’s sentence was light, after turning state’s evidence, and was out after a year. He returned to the circus, minus the jailed flying Lewzinstra. With Minerva still alive, he was taking no chances. Ralph felt more safe near the lion’s cage, than anywhere else on Earth. Francois, who now ran the circus, helped watch for her as well.

That was another reason Pin was taking his family to Alaska. It would be much harder for Minerva Piper to do anything to them there, between the weather, and their wolves. The biggest reason was he missed the frontier, they both longed for the rugged landscape.

The Good Book said there is a vein for silver, and a place to refine gold. Alaska was the place for the “Silvers”, and a good area to raise and refine young boys. It was time to go home, for the “Alaskan Silvers”.

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